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McDonald’s spotlights Black Girls Surf, focuses on inclusivity and inspiration

MARKETING DIVE – McDonald’s launched a national television commercial as part of its tie-up with Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” according to a press release....

McDonald’s Found Liable for Hot Chicken McNugget that Fell from Happy Meal and Burned Girl

(AP) McDonald’s and a franchise holder are at fault after a hot Chicken McNugget from a Happy Meal fell on a little girl’s leg...

McDonald’s Temporarily Shuts U.S. Offices; Pink Slips Coming

Fast-food company expected to notify workers of their job status virtually

McDonald’s cancelled this popular item, so Wendy’s began serving it

FORTUNE – It’s been seven years since McDonald’s did away with the snack wrap. But die-hard fans of the food item have been demanding its...

McDonald’s Expands Test Of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

CHEW BOOM – Starting March 21, 2023, McDonald’s will bring Krispy Kreme doughnuts to even more local restaurants as part of an expanded market...

McDonald’s customer says he got a side of cash in a bag with his breakfast

A TikTok user in Indiana reported that the bag containing his order included not only the sandwich but also an apparent bank deposit - thousands of dollars in cash.

McDonald’s and Walmart beef suppliers criticised for ‘reckless’ antibiotics use

Many US cattle farmers still routinely use antibiotics often for months on end. Their use – and overuse – risks enabling bacteria to develop resistance, meaning the drugs stop working.

McDonald’s Is Facing Another Coffee-Related Lawsuit

YAHOO! – McDonald’s is enduring yet another coffee-related lawsuit. As Insider reports, an Alabama woman has filed a $13 million lawsuit against the fast...

McDonald’s newest item for fall

McDonald's cheese danish goes on sale next week.

Is California Going to Kill McDonald’s?

One state lawmaker says that McDonald’s warned her that they may stop expanding in California or even abandon the Golden State entirely.

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