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McDonald’s worker shoots at customers after drive-thru dispute, Florida police say

The Charlotte Observer – A customer complaint at a McDonald’s drive-thru erupted in “McMayhem” when a worker pulled a gun and started firing shots,...

McDonald’s loses Big Mac trademark fight in Europe

McDonald’s was unfazed by the ruling, which can be appealed to the European Court of Justice, the bloc’s highest court, but only on points of law.

Houston attorney shot and killed by McDonald’s customer outraged over order

NEW YORK POST – A lawyer was shot and killed by an irate McDonald’s customer in Houston after he tried to calm the man...

McDonald’s whacko slugs, pistol whips and shoots pinky off fellow diner in wild brawl over sauce: cops

Police said Wesley Bullock was so ticked off he didn’t get sauce with his McDonald’s order that he choked, slugged, pistol-whipped and shot another patron who tried to calm him down.

McDonald’s Debuting Crispy New Sandwich This Week

MENS JOURNAL – McDonald’s is adding a new sandwich to its menus beginning on April 17, but it will only be available for a...

McDonald’s will buy 225 Israel restaurants after sales losses from pro-Palestine boycotts

FAST COMPANY – The McDonald’s Corporation has announced it will take over ownership of the 225 restaurants that make up its Israeli franchise after...

Customer suing McDonald’s over cheese on Big Mac

Charles Olsen is suing McDonald's after he said a misplaced piece of cheese almost killed him.

McDonald’s—A Target Of Boycotts Like Starbucks—Sees Stock Drop, Earnings Hit Over Israel-Hamas War

Forbes – McDonald's is among the American companies to have been impacted the most by Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza. CEO Chris Kempczinski said...

The McDonald’s Double Big Mac is too much of a good (bad) thing

The Washington Post – In preparation for the Double Big Mac’s latest assault on McDonald’s menus this week, I rolled my car through a...

Woman charged with shooting DoorDash driver delivering McDonald’s

KANSAS CITY STAR – A Kansas City woman was charged last week with assault after she allegedly shot the DoorDash driver who was delivering...

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