“mRNA Shots Are NOT Vaccines,” Says ‘Dr. Whistleblower’

Debunking the COVID Vaccine Doomsayers

REAL CLEAR SCIENCE – It’s hard to ignore the wave of anti-vaccine videos circulating on social media. Curiosity makes us click, and we watch yet another doctor’s emphatic advice—“Do not take the COVID-19 vaccine if you value your life!”

They all speak with the confidence and authority of spies planted last year in the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson labs. Now these self-proclaimed experts—some with acceptable medical backgrounds, but others more questionable—have become whistleblowers predicting horrific outcomes from the vaccines.

They look into our eyes and claim to care deeply about our health, urging, “Pass my video on to everyone you know as fast as you can.”

Having viewed several, I asked myself, “Can I find the truth?” My hands-on science training consists of dissecting and drawing a frog in tenth grade.

But I can dissect long sentences and draw conclusions, use a dictionary, and apply critical thinking with logic.

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So I intensively researched respected sources and found most of the doomsayer doctors’ assertions to be wrong. Here’s what my homework found. (Note: some names are changed but the claims are reproduced accurately.)

“Dr. Whistle Blower” insists the new medication is not a “real” vaccine because it does not fit the CDC’s own definition: “A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” The meaning of immunity is the hangup for him.

Dr. Blower wrongly limits his definition of a “real,” immunizing vaccine to the sterilizing type, which kills the pathogen on contact and establishes immunity by preventing any disease from entering the body.

This “gold standard” has not been achieved for many diseases which, nevertheless, are no longer a threat, thanks to vaccines.

By contrast, the COVID vaccine is prophylactic, meaning the inoculation does not necessarily kill the pathogen but prevents development of the disease after infection.

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This type, though not blocking the virus from invading the body, stops it in its replicating tracks and provides immunity from everything people fear about COVID-19—pneumonia necessitating oxygen, followed by ventilator support, then possibly death.

New research, however, strongly suggests that the mRNA vaccines block infection entirely in 90% of cases … Click here to read more. 

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