Harris Calls For “Clean Drinking Water Equity”

Vice President Kamala Harris pitched "water equity" in the Bay Area Thursday, then it's off to Chicago where she's expected to push "vaccine equity."

KTVU FOX 2, OAKLAND, Calif. – Kamala Harris landed in Oakland on Monday, the first time making the trip back to her hometown since becoming vice president.

Harris spent about four hours in the Bay Area focused on building support for the administration’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure, jobs and climate proposal.

Harris headed straight to the upper San Leandro Water treatment plant in Oakland, run by the East Bay Municipal Utility District.

There she talked about the importance of clean drinking water, equitable access to water and droughts. Harris said:

“Maybe because I’m a kid from California.”

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“We must understand the equities and inequities of distribution and access to clean water especially clean drinking water, and address it in a way that is about supporting what governments must do at a local at a state and federal level, understanding the opportunities here and this is a big part of the American Jobs Plan, which is the opportunity to not only build back up our infrastructure around water and water policy.

“Part of our reason for being here to advance is the issue of water equity.”

Harris also spoke about the need for more union jobs and for lead pipes to be replaced to stop water contamination and the health effects of lead in water.

“Let us replace 100% of our lead systems and lead pipes. Let’s upgrade them. Why? Because drinking lead will kill our children, literally … “

Harris flew back to Los Angeles for the night. She will head to Chicago Tuesday to talk about vaccine equity. Click here to read more. 

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