Joe Biden: Drunk-Driving Illegals Should Not Be Deported

Jan 22, 2020

Joe Biden said Monday he would instruct Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) not to deport illegal immigrants caught drunk driving.

Biden said if he won the presidency he would issue an executive order instructing ICE to only carry out deportations of illegal immigrants convicted of felony charges, “and I don’t consider drunk driving a felony.”

≠Biden said there is still a culture within ICE that causes the children of illegal immigrants to fear for their security and wonder whether or not they can expect to see their parents deported at any given moment.

Biden said many children of illegal immigrants go to school wondering if their mother will be arrested by ICE when they pick them up from school.

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“I would hold ICE agents accountable if in fact they stepped over my executive orders, which is no arrest of any kind outside of the schools,” he said.

Biden said he would also combat the ICE culture by firing ICE agents that carry out arrests and deportations that go beyond Biden’s guidelines for immigration enforcement.

“You change the culture by saying, ‘you’re gonna get fired.’ ‘You’re fired,’ if in fact you do that,” Biden said. “You only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed, and I don’t consider drunk driving as a felony.”

According to FindLaw, states will typically charge a first-time DUI/DWI offense as a misdemeanor, however repeat offenses and cases where an intoxicated driver causes harm to other drivers are often treated as felony offenses … Read more. 

VIDEO: Biden Says ICE Should Avoid Deporting Drunk Driving Illegal Immigrants … 

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