Janice Dean Rips Cuomo After In-Laws Die Of COVID-19

Janice Dean
CC BY-SA 4.0, Whoisjohngalt

“Our most vulnerable loved ones could not protect themselves. But Governor Cuomo is too busy trying to protect himself and rewrite history.” 


Janice Dean, May 23, 2020

Fox News – It hit me when my kids’ school principal called.

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She had heard the news from another parent that our children had lost both of their grandparents, Mickey and Dee Newman, to the virus.

“How are you all doing? I’m so sorry for your loss….”

As her phone call came in, my husband Sean was at his parent’s apartment picking out a dress to bury his mom in …

I’m not sure where my husband found the strength to do all of this.

I was at home and with the kids and had just gotten 3 deliveries from the neighborhood florist. It was the only place in our small town that remained open during the quarantine.

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The Newmans are not just statistics on a chart. Michael and Dolores were wonderful people who lived important lives.

The delivery man was wearing a mask but I could tell by his eyes he was sorry for us.

He realized he had just been at the house less than two weeks ago to deliver flowers after Mickey passed away.

He was silent when I told him Sean’s mom Dee was gone too …

A week before his dad died, someone called to let us know Mickey was being switched to another floor so they could let more patients in.

From what I know now, I believe the new patients were ones recovering from COVID — thanks to a statewide mandate from Governor Andrew Cuomo.

On March 28th, Sean got a call and was told that his dad wasn’t well. He had a fever and his lungs were filling up.

A few hours later he was dead.

We assumed he had the coronavirus. We only got confirmation when we saw it on his death certificate.

My husband has seen a lot of grief in his life. But, for him to break the news to his mom that her husband was dead was the hardest thing he’s ever done.

Her heart was broken. They were married for almost 60 years.

Why was this happening?

The next 48 hours after Sean visited, Dee’s health went downhill.

She was moved to the hospital. We didn’t hear much from the doctors.

Sean talked to his mom the morning before nurses moved her to a different floor in the hospital.

She needed more oxygen and her throat was hurting. She had a cough and a fever … Read more. 

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