Ivermectin Poisonings Rise as Unproven Use for Covid Soars

“[P]otential toxic effects of ivermectin [include] severe episodes of confusion, ataxia [a degenerative disease of the nervous system], seizures, and hypotension, and the increasing frequency of inappropriate use." | PLUS: "COVID deaths 'sinfully unnecessary'"

BLOOMBERG – Poisonings from taking ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug that some people have used in an attempt to treat or prevent Covid-19, rose sharply in August, according to a report from the Oregon Poison Center.

The center received 21 calls from people reporting ivermectin toxicity in August, up from a previous average of less than one per month.

Approved to treat parasitic worms in both people and livestock, ivermectin has surged in popularity recently as fringe groups, vaccine skeptics and social-media figures hype it as a cheap and accessible treatment for the coronavirus.

Among the 21 reported poisonings, six people were hospitalized, including four who required intensive care. All six hospitalizations were in people taking ivermectin to prevent the viral disease, according to the report … READ MORE. 

“Taking Ivermectin without medical guidance and a prescription can be dangerous, or even fatal.” – New Mexico Department of Health, September 15, 2021 

State suspends PA’s license, claiming he prescribed ivermectin and ‘harassed’ hospitals to do the same

By Andrea Salcedo, October 20, 2021 

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WASHINGTON POST – In July, an unvaccinated woman with low oxygen levels and a fever arrived at the emergency room of a Washington state hospital. She had used up the tank of oxygen a physician assistant had shipped to her home days ago, the woman told hospital staff.

The unidentified woman whom Scott C. Miller had also allegedly treated with ivermectin — a deworming drug that some people are using to prevent or treat covid-19, despite several public health agencies advising against it — died about a week later.

That same month, according to a statement of charges released by the State of Washington Medical Commission, the family of an unvaccinated man hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms filed an emergency injunction requesting the hospital give him ivermectin.

Miller, who had never treated or examined the man, his wife said, had recommended that course of action, the document states. The family later dropped the request. The patient died on Aug. 2.

“Some studies have been conducted to evaluate the drug’s efficacy against COVID-19, however the data has been inconsistent, inconclusive and too small to be considered high quality. There is no reliable evidence that ivermectin should be used for COVID-19.” – Hackensack Meridian Health, September 3, 2021

In September, another unvaccinated man who had been taken to the emergency room because of respiratory failure declined intubation and left the hospital against medical advice, records state.

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Miller, who had never examined him, had allegedly recommended an ivermectin treatment the man was interested in pursuing. Miller prescribed the man ivermectin for “head lice,” the commission found. He died at a hospital days later.

The Washington Medical Commission has since suspended Miller’s license after reviewing more than a dozen complaints alleging the pediatric health-care provider promoted ivermectin as a cure for covid-19 and prescribed the unproven treatment without adequate examination to at least one person.

“Miller’s treatment of COVID-19 patients fell below the standard of care,” the Washington Medical Commission said in a news release.

At least one patient, according to the commission’s report, was prescribed ivermectin by phone, even though Miller had not verified the person’s coronavirus test results … READ MORE. 

“[P]otential toxic effects of ivermectin [include] severe episodes of confusion, ataxia, seizures, and hypotension, and the increasing frequency of inappropriate use. There is insufficient evidence to support the use of ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid-19,3 and improper use, as well as the possible occurrence of medication interactions,5 may result in serious side effects requiring hospitalization.” – New England Journal of Medicine, Oct 20, 2021

Judge rejects husband’s attempt to force hospital to use ivermectin to treat COVID

The antimalarial drug Ivermectin isn’t approved to treat COVID-19. Ryan Drock wants to force Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center to give it to his wife, Tamara, who is sick with the ailment.

Jane Musgrave, OCT. 19, 2021

Palm Beach Post – Chances that a grievously ill Loxahatchee woman will be given an unproven drug to battle COVID-19 appeared to dim on Tuesday when a judge – for a second time in three days – rejected a petition asking that an area hospital be ordered to administer the medication.

In a brief order, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge James Nutt asked that attorneys representing the husband of 47-year-old Tamara Drock and those for Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center try to resolve the dispute.

Ryan and Tamara Drock both have contracted the coronavirus and COVID-19, the respiratory ailment it causes. Ryan recovered but Tamara is at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, where Ryan wants a judge to order the hospital to give her the drug Ivermectin, which he says helped him recover. Doctors note it hasn’t been found effective against COVID-19.
“The parties are directed to confer and, if possible, agree how this matter can expeditiously proceed to final resolution,” Nutt wrote.

If the correct legal papers are “squared away,” Nutt said he would be willing to hold a hearing to explore why Drock, who is in the intensive-care unit tethered to oxygen, might benefit from ivermectin. The parasite-fighting drug hasn’t been approved for use to treat patients with COVID-19 … READ MORE. 

COLUMN: COVID deaths ‘sinfully unnecessary’

BY DR. ROBERT MCFARLANE Guest Columnist, Oct 21, 2021

News and Tribune, Jeffersonville, IN

Over my 45-year career as a doctor — the last 36 as a clinical cardiologist in rural East Texas — I’ve struggled to make my peace with death.

As a young doctor, I felt immersed in a dark sea of suffering and death. A beginner, unwarrantedly, assumes responsibility for these maladies, that for his failings, his patients would still be hugging their children.

Only with time did I learn to accept death as a natural process.

Your job as a doctor is to forestall it; only the young are immortal. I always regretted their end, but I slept well, knowing I had done my all.

Until the COVID pandemic, however, I never had to deal with unnecessary deaths, the hardest of all to accept.

“Among the snake oil cures: the anti-malarial drug, hydroxychloroquine, and the dewormer ivermectin. When I try to convince persons who buy into this stupidity that it is anti-scientific garbage, I am told big drug companies have conspired with the Biden administration to keep these cheap cures off the market.”

Now, reading the obituaries of my former patients, knowing their deaths were almost certainly avoidable with vaccinations, has filled me with rage.

COVID just took one of my old patients, an unvaccinated, previously healthy spouse, sentencing the frail partner to a nursing home.

So sad and so preventable. Shaking my impotent fists, I think of Faulkner in “Go Down Moses” describing the doomed bear, “old Priam reft of his old wife and outlived all his sons …”.

It was infuriating and common in my practice to hear a patient, who would not follow my advice, opine that when God was ready to take him, no one could alter it. I never found an answer to this faith-hardened illogic READ MORE. 

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