Is it normal to have bumps around your nipples?

Those little bumps we all must have noticed around our nipples actually have a very interesting and useful purpose to fulfill.

HEALTHSHOTS – If you find a bump anywhere on your body, it’s a valid reason for concern.

However, if you have bumps around your nipples, it’s not something you have to lose sleep over.

Well, you are not in this alone because we all have been told that any lumps and bumps on your breasts are worth checking out, if they stay for too long.

So why do we have nipple bumps?

According to Dr Tanaya, who is known by the name of Dr Cuterus on Instagram, explains in her recent video that the bumps present on the areola are actually called the Tubercles of Montgomery.

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For those caught unaware, the nipple is the protruding nub on each breast and the similarly pigmented area on the breast surrounding the nipple is the areola. Bumps on both the nipple and on areola are possible.

But don’t get confused or worried because these bumps actually have an interesting purpose to fulfilL.

According to Dr Cuterus, these bumps “keep the nipple moist and lubricated. It is like a natural moisturizer.”

She further adds that as per a research, these bumps also “release some delicious smells that tell the (newborn) baby where their food is going to come from”, thereby, allowing them to know exactly where to stick their faces during breastfeeding.

Lastly, there is nothing to worry about darker areolas too … SEE MORE. 

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