Health Questions For Biden Off-Limits For Media, Unlike Reagan, McCain, Trump

Joe Biden has managed to avoid much of the scrutiny about health and fitness for office that previous candidates in their seventies — such as Ronald Reagan, John McCain, and Donald Trump — faced. | Screenshot: Fox News

“Back in 1984, the media openly questioned Ronald Reagan’s mental fitness after he struggled during a debate against Walter Mondale. The New York Times published an opinion piece headlined, ‘Washington: The Age Issue,’ which outlined concerns that Reagan ‘didn’t seem to be mentally alert’ on the debate stage.”

Fox News – The mainstream media has largely avoided coverage of Joe Biden’s health and fitness for office, but previous Republican presidential candidates such as Ronald Reagan, John McCain and Donald Trump didn’t receive a pass from the liberal press on the sensitive-but-crucial topic.

“It’s all fair game,” Fox News contributor Dan Bongino said. “Asking the potential president of the United States to demonstrate to voters that he has the cognitive capacity to do one of the most stressful jobs in the world, isn’t an outrageous ask.”

Joe Biden has managed to avoid much of the scrutiny about health and fitness for office that previous candidates such as Ronald Reagan and John McCain faced.

However, the mainstream media has essentially treated Biden’s health and fitness for office as off-limits.

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“The so-called objective media dislike any medical questions about Biden, just as they disliked any medical questions about Hillary in 2016,” Media Research Center director Tim Graham told Fox News.

A series of high-profile gaffes and confusing statements by the presumptive Democratic nominee has resulted in some pundits questioning Biden’s ability to run the country. In March, the far-left Young Turks said “everyone” was questioning Biden’s fitness for office and the topic has recently picked up steam in conservative circles.

“At no time in recent memory has a presidential nominee’s physical and mental health been more important than with Joe Biden,” Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson told Fox News.

“He often appears disoriented, and there is no pretense that he has the physical vigor to run for a second term should he be elected,” Jacobson said … Read more. 

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