Google Wants Your Personal Health Data

You ready to hand your medical data over to Google?

DROIDLIFE – According to screenshots that have hit the web, Google is internally testing a new Google Health app, dedicated to storing your personal medical records and sharing them should you need to with family.

From the screenshots posted by 91mobiles, we can see that users would be able to import their medical records and information from past doctor visits.

You’d also be able to view lab results. On the bottom of the app, you have your navigational tabs, with options for Records, Contacts, and Sharing available.

Right now, Google doesn’t have a public app that does these things, so I see how something such as this could be useful.

For example, my Kaiser app is pretty tough to use at times. However, I’d also need to see what sort of information Google is collecting from this app’s users.

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I’m not about to be served ads based on my test results. I’m sure Google will try to be very transparent about privacy when it comes to this app, should it be released.

Right now, the app appears to be in internal testing and not even fully green lit yet.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

You ready to hand your medical data over to Google? SOURCE. 


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Cooking Up The Future Of Healthcare Technology

Lisa Esch, Forbes Technology Council, Jun 30, 2021

Lisa is head of Industry Solutions for the Healthcare Provider business at NTT DATA Services. Follow Lisa @lisaesch.

FORBES – You may not think being a foodie would translate into thought leadership for the health technology sector, but you’d be surprised. My career began as a dietician and food scientist — I can take stock of what’s in the pantry and create something impactful from whatever ingredients are available.

In my role as senior vice president of our healthcare provider division, that skill informs my problem-solving approach when creating strategies for tackling the big issues of healthcare.

As we move toward a post-pandemic world, providers are focusing on “recipes” to improve public health and wellbeing, reset tech priorities for their organizations and accommodate evolving consumer expectations around the delivery of care.

Digital Healthcare Ingredients

When we grocery shop online, as most of us have probably done in the past year, it’s usually pretty seamless. Our food categories are clearly marked.

The shopping platform stores our payment method. The hardest thing is to avoid blowing the family’s budget — and diet — by picking too many deli dishes or packages of ice cream bars.

A seamless e-commerce experience isn’t just for shopping and entertainment. Consumers expect the same personalized, holistic experiences from their healthcare providers, too.

Especially in the wake of Covid-19, patients want the safety and convenience of a shopping trip in their health care experience.

But too often an in-person or online doctor visit feels disjointed and impersonal. The friction begins in brick-and-mortar clinic and hospital locations when multiple staff hand-off patients and those patients relay the same information each time to a new person.

Surgery and new chronic care patients are handed brick-sized binders of onboarding information. The barriers continue when patients go home, with a potential dozen separate logins and user experiences for bill payments, lab results, therapeutic services, telehealth and more.

While the pandemic has exposed and accelerated the need to change, healthcare providers recognized the problems of this fragmented delivery and the need for improved virtual care … CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. 

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