Florida Inmate Released For Covid-19 Risk, Arrested For Murder Next Day

Edward Williams is now facing second-degree murder charges. | Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

PerezHilton.com – Joseph Williams was one of more than 100 inmates released in March 2020 from a Florida prison as part of a public health order to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19.

But not even one day later he was back in police custody after allegedly killing a man nearly immediately upon being released from jail during the pandemic sweep.

The craziest part is that the 26-year-old Williams, who had previously been arrested dozens of times in the past covering at least 35 previous charges, would’ve walked completely free from his first legal predicament thanks to the administrative order surrounding the pandemic! That directive sought to clear low-level, non-violent offenders out of the system so the state government could coordinate its greater pandemic response plan.

David T. Hines was charged with three felonies by the US Department of Justice after he allegedly applied for millions in COVID-19 relief fund-related loans, only to use the money for a new 2020 Lamborghini Huracan for himself, rather than payroll expenses as required by the loans.

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According to government allegations, Hines defrauded the coronavirus pandemic-related relief fund of nearly $4 million, spending the money on dating services and high-end restaurants and bars across south Florida, in addition to the $300,000 new car.

Caught red-handed — like, literally, when authorities arrested Hines they recovered $3.4 million! — he now faces serious consequences for his horrendous pandemic greed.

Surprise birthday parties and guns just don’t mix. In early October 2019, a Norwegian man named Christopher Bergan flew to Gulf Breeze, Florida to surprise his father-in-law Richard Dennis for his 61st birthday party.

To complete the surprise, Bergan hid in the bushes in Dennis’ backyard on his very first night in Florida, waiting to jump out to surprise the man with his carefully laid-out plan.

Just one (tragic) problem: Dennis, who had been startled earlier in the night with another family member banging on his door, mistook Bergan for an intruder when the younger man jumped in surprise, and the 61-year-old shot his son-in-law.

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Regrettably, Dennis’s aim was perfect — the bullet went straight through Bergan’s heart — and the younger man died at the scene … READ MORE. 


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