FL Man Sticks Tongue Out At Doctors, Insists He’s Not Being Rude

“I’m fine now, but you shoulda seen me last week.” (Credit to Rodney Dangerfield) | Image: KHOU

Nov 18, 2020

HOUSTON – A man in Florida, Anthony Jones, was hospitalized with COVID-19 in July.

A day later, his wife, Gail, says he was placed on a ventilator. Gail said:

“They were trying to heal his lungs … They had to turn him on his stomach for 12 hours.”

Lying on the stomach helped his lungs, but caused extreme swelling in his tongue.

Jones lived like that for three months before his mom found a specialist in Houston who knew how to treat the rare condition.

Credit: KHOU

James Dr. James Melville with UT Health said:

“Extremely rare. I think out of a literature search for his situation, we found one case; one more case, so two out of the whole pandemic.”

But Dr. Melville with UTHealth thinks there may be more, since many COVID patients are placed in the prone position now.

If that’s true, Jones wants others to know there is hope … Read more.