Fauci Allegedly Backed Cruel Experiments, Torture on Puppies

'This cruel procedure ... seems to have been performed so that experimenters would not have to listen to the pained cries of the beagle puppies...'

HEADLINE USA – COVID czar Anthony Fauci is facing pressure for answers after it was discovered that the the National Institutes of Health may have funded research involving the cruel treatment of several dogs, the New York Post reported.

This information was uncovered by a bipartisan watchdog group called the White Coat Waste Project via a Freedom of Information Act request.

White Coat Waste found that the U.S. government had granted money to a Tunisian laboratory that has made experiments on beagle puppies.

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-SC, and 23 other congressman addressed the Fauci-run National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in a letter this weekend, expressing grave concerns about reports of costly, cruel, and unnecessary taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs.

“According to documents obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by taxpayer watchdog group White Coat Waste Project… NIAID spent $1.68 million in taxpayer funds on drug tests involving 44 beagle puppies,” said the letter.

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“The dogs were all between six and eight months old.” it continued. “The commissioned tests involved injecting and force-feeding the puppies an experimental drug for several weeks, before killing and dissecting them.”

There are further reports of the dogs being locked in cages with hungry sand flies so the insects could eat them alive, and having their vocal chords removed so they were unable to bark.

“This cruel procedure—which is opposed with rare exceptions by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, and others—seems to have been performed so that experimenters would not have to listen to the pained cries of the beagle puppies,” the letter said. “This is a reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds.”

Fauci has not responded to the letter officially as of this writing.

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