Do We Really Need A Law On Who Gets The Pets In A Divorce?

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WJAR) — Divorce can be dicey, especially when there are children involved.

But what about pets? There’s a proposed law in Rhode Island addressing just that, and it has pet owners talking.

“A dog knows where it wants to go,” one Coventry woman told NBC 10 News. “I know where my dog would go: with me.”

But it’s not always that easy. If a marriage crumbles, who gets custody of a pet?

Bob Wilson said his dog from a previous marriage went with his wife.

“I was working, she was out on the road and went with him everywhere, so it made sense,” Wilson told NBC 10.

Janice Brown divorced years ago and took her pets with her.

“I know animals are sometimes a casualty in divorces so it’s maybe a good idea to have something in place if people can’t work it out in a friendly way,” Brown said.

That’s why state Rep. Charlene Lima, D-Cranston, said she introduced the bill in 2019.

“They utilize the pets saying they want the pet as collateral to get other things out of the other person,” Lima told NBC 10 … Read more. 

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