Congressman With Eyepatch Has Emergency Surgery To Save Good Eye

Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw recovering from emergency eye surgery that will leave him blind for a month

NBC NEWS – U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, will be “effectively blind” for about a month after he was rushed into emergency eye surgery to treat a detached retina, the lawmaker revealed on Saturday.

The eye patch-wearing Crenshaw, 37, recently noticed “some dark blurry spots” in his vision.

An ophthalmologist on Thursday “discovered that my retina was detaching,” the two-term Texas Republican said in a lengthy Twitter post.

“This is a terrifying prognosis for someone with one eye,” he wrote. “The prognosis I received on Thursday is obviously very bad.”

He underwent surgery at Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston on Friday.

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The procedure went well, according to Crenshaw, who told constituents they won’t be hearing from him for several weeks.

“The surgery went well, but I will be effectively blind for about a month,” Crenshaw wrote.

“This is why you’re not going to hear from me for a while. I likely will not be conducting interviews and likely will not be posting on social media, except to give updates on my health and recovery.”

The U.S. Navy SEAL lost his right eye in 2012 due to an IED blast in Afghanistan.

“Anyone who knows the history of my injuries knows that I don’t have a ‘good eye,’ but half of a good eye,” he wrote.

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Crenshaw is best known for his run-in with “Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson, who in 2018 mocked the then-candidate’s eyepatch …

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