Commissioner’s New Rule: ‘Allow The Sick, The Old, The Injured To Meet Its Natural Course In Nature’

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“Dr.  Oz …  told Fox News that school re-openings were an ‘appetizing opportunity’ because they “may only cost us 2 to 3% in terms of total mortality … “

OPINION, Ed Adler | 

June 13, 2020 | 

CNN – While the Covid-19 virus attacks all ages, those of us in our 60s and older are among those at greatest risk.

What I realized is that we will not be back to normal for a long, long time. Others will venture out.

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My son (26) and daughter (22) will surely risk the threat of infection and try to resume some normalcy.

But for older folks and those with pre-existing conditions, our isolation must be ongoing. We will be the last to resume activity and continue our lives.

And while we wait, we can hear the echoes of those who care little about our vulnerability.

One example: As the virus swept across the US, a city official in Antioch, California, said Covid-19 should be allowed to run its course, even if elderly and homeless people die.

Ken Turnage, chairman of the city’s planning commission, posted on Facebook that the country needed to adopt a “Herd Mentality” that “allows the sick, the old, the injured to meet its natural course in nature … “

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”We would have significant loss of life, we would lose many elderly, that would reduce burdens in our defunct Social Security System, health care cost (once the wave subsided), make jobs available for others and it would also free up housing in which we are in dire need of.” – Ken Turnage, Chairman, Antioch, California Planning Commission [Antioch City Council has since removed Turnage from the commission.]

I’m equally appalled by those who’ve suggested the physically weak should be willing to sacrifice themselves for the future of the economy.

Even Dr. Mehmet Oz seemed to incline to that view when in April he told Fox News that school re-openings were an “appetizing opportunity” because they “may only cost us 2 to 3% in terms of total mortality … ”

Oz has since said he “misspoke,” but that’s little comfort for me, a member of the vulnerable older demographic — disproportionately dying from the disease — who would be sacrificed because of an impatience felt by some to “open up.”

The term “culling of the herd” is a euphemism for a dark strategy to kick-start an economy severely damaged by lockdowns.

It also feels like a nice way of saying that my older friends and I could (and some believe should) be allowed to die.

Translated, that means we are like bovines who have bad meat and thus should be expendable to save all the other tasty cows and bulls … Read more. 


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