CHEATERS Caught! Fishing Tournament Scandal

"No F***ing way! I ain't never seen s*** like that ... " | What kind of person cheats in a fishing tournament?

CBS NEWS – On Friday, the Lake Erie Walleye Trail (LEWT) fishing tournament in Ohio crowned Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan winners after weigh-in.

A  video widely shared online captures chaos erupting after one of the winners’ fish is sliced open and found to be stuffed with lead weights and other fish filets.

One by one, the contestants’ other fish are gutted, each of them revealed to contain items stuffed inside to add weight to the catches.

The man who cut open the fish can be heard screaming “we got weights in the fish!” and yelling at one of the two alleged cheaters “get outta here!”

The dramatic footage showed an increasingly outraged crowd gathering around the contestants, accusing them of cheating in previous tournaments as well and threatening to call the cops, saying that the two men had essentially stolen thousands of dollars from other competitors.

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In a subsequent Facebook post, tournament director Jason Fischer listed the true winners of the tournament after Cominsky and Runyan were disqualified and apologized for the cheating scandal … read more. 


Tournament director Jason Fischer cut open the fish Chase Cominsky and his partner Jacob Runyon turned in, exposing lead weights … 




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COMMENT BELOW: Should the cheaters be: 

    1. Boned and filleted?
    2. Cuffed and fingerprinted?  
    3. Forgiven, as they only have the IQ of a potato?
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