PA Woman Hospitalized For Severe Vaccine Side Effects

MIFFLINTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) 67-year-old Cathy Husler got her first COVID-19 shot on Feb. 3, started having chills the next day, and a day after that, had chills so bad, she went to the ER. “My temperature was 103.8,” Husler said. She had to stay overnight at Geisinger Lewistown. “Wanted to rule out that I didn’t have any heart issues, that I didn’t have pneumonia, did a chest x-ray, did a CT scan to rule out that...

China Pushes Anti-US Counter-Conspiracy

"Chinese officials and state media continued to promote made-in-America COVID-19 conspiracies."

What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your Covid Risk

AARP – In the last several months, a number of studies have drawn a connection between blood type and COVID-19 risk, and most have reached the same conclusion: People with type O blood, the most common kind, may have a slight advantage over their peers when it comes to risk for a coronavirus infection and hospitalization or death from COVID-19. This, however, does not mean they can't contract the virus or fall seriously ill from...

State Health Agency CANCELED?

Senate President Harvey Peeler is ready to split DHEC apart, bundling public health duties with the state's mental health department and funneling environmental permitting operations to other state agencies. McMaster has said he supports breaking up DHEC as well.

This Is Why Hospitals Can Charge $6,000 Or $60,000 For The Exact Same Procedure

ZERO HEDGE – Several months back, we pointed out how new disclosure laws would be forcing hospitals to disclose the cost of services and rates negotiated by insurers. Now, the numbers are starting to trickle in - and they're ugly. Roughly 6,000 hospitals across the nation are starting to reveal the rates they negotiate with insurers for a number of procedures. The figures show how widely prices vary for the same procedure depending on who is paying,...

Covid Cases Decline Sharply Under Biden

While Covid-19 numbers may be trending in the right direction now, four key factors will determine how the next few months unfold.

Biden’s “Attack On Florida” Raises Objections

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott told a cable news audience Saturday that any virus-driven travel ban on the state would be an “attack” on Florida.

“COVID Vaccines Contain Tracers and Baby Parts”: TRUE or FALSE?

Myth and fears: All of these things, and more, have been mentioned in claims that we’ve seen on the internet, or heard about from people who contacted us. People who hear these claims may be worried about health effects, being tracked wherever they go, or even faith-related problems. The bottom line: The first two vaccines to reach the market contain only snippets of genetic material, salt, sugar and fat. The other vaccines being developed will contain weakened...

Instagram Has Had Enough of RFK Jr’s Vaccine Hoaxes

NPR – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is now blocked from Instagram after he repeatedly undercut trust in vaccines. Kennedy has also spread conspiracy theories about Bill Gates, accusing him of profiteering off vaccines and attempting to take control of the world's food supply. Kennedy has been a prominent voice in the anti-vaccine community for years, speaking out against childhood vaccines and promoting controversial and disproven claims that seek to link vaccines with autism. In the past year,...

Top Vaccine Alternatives

Drug makers are increasingly turning to monoclonal antibodies to protect the millions of people who might not be able to use vaccines. But questions swirl about their cost and long-term viability.

Texan Dies In Sleep 3 Days After Covid Diagnosis; She Was 9

PEOPLE – The family of a 9-year-old girl is "shattered" after she suddenly died in her sleep, just three days after testing positive for COVID-19. Makenzie Gongora, a 4th-grader from San Antonio, Texas, started feeling sick in her after-school care program on Friday, Jan. 29. "Kenzie was complaining about a really bad headache and then they took her temperature and she had a fever," her aunt, Victoria Southworth, told KSAT. Makenzie's mom, Kristle, took her to a...

“The Vaccine Is Designed For Population Control”: TRUE or FALSE?

Rumors have been circulating that the vaccine is designed to control or eliminate certain groups within our society, to allow for “mind control” of vaccinated people, or to allow certain “elite” members of society to rule the rest of us.

Negative Covid Test From Mayo Clinic Not Good Enough For State Travel Bureaucrats

(FOX 9) - Hawaii is the dream vacation offering lots of sun, beaches, and warm weather. Travelers love it because you have access to luxury without flying international. However, to get Hawaii, you need a negative COVID-19 test. But, it cannot be from the Mayo Clinic, as one Minnesota couple recently found out. Joan and Grant Christianson are now in two different states because Hawaii doesn’t list the Mayo Clinic as one of its "trusted partners." "We said,...

3 Most Dangerous Underlying Conditions For COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic rounds the corner on its first year, doctors and researchers are getting a better handle on which patients are most likely to end up fighting for their lives after getting COVID-19 — and which ones are most likely to recover.


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