Fauci Explains “Harmless” J&J Vaccine

During a White House briefing on Monday, President Joe Biden's chief medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, explained exactly how each of the three approved coronavirus vaccines take effect.

Tiger Woods Can’t Explain Lack Of Skid Marks

Sheriff’s Deputy John Schloegl has said investigators are trying to determine if a crime had been committed

We Finally Know What Killed Off The Neanderthals

CNN – The reversal of Earth's magnetic poles, along with a temporary breakdown of the world's magnetic field about 42,000 years ago, could have triggered a raft of environmental changes, solar storms and the extinction of the Neanderthals.

Shocking Animal Cruelty Charges Investigated Against K-9 Officer [VIDEO]

SALISBURY, N.C. (AP) — An investigation of K-9 training is underway after video showed a North Carolina officer lifting a dog by a leash and slamming the animal into the side of a police vehicle, officials said. Salisbury Police Chief Jerry Stokes told news outlets he couldn't comment in detail on what happened. Stokes said the dog, Zuul, wasn't hurt or stunned and has since been separated from the officer. Zuul was on hand with Stokes...

More Blacks Kill Selves During Pandemic

Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say fatal drug overdoses nationwide have surged roughly 20% during the pandemic, killing more than 83,000 people in 2020.

Dr. Oz Rescues Man With No Pulse

NEWARK, New Jersey -- Television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz helped save the life of a man who had suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. Port Authority Police said Officer Jeffrey Croissant was on patrol when he witnessed a man fall to the floor near the baggage claim area in Terminal C around 11 p.m. Monday. Oz told "Good Morning America" exclusively that he was returning home from Florida...

These States Are Finally Ending Fauci’s Covid Rules

ABC NEWS – Gov. Greg Abbott ended Texas' statewide mask mandate and announced an executive order to allow all businesses to reopen at full capacity. "COVID has not suddenly disappeared," Abbott said at a news conference Tuesday. "But it is clear from the recoveries, from the vaccinations, from the reduced hospitalizations, and from the safe practices that Texas are using, that state mandates are no longer needed." Abbott's executive order is effective March 10, overriding a...

People Keep Falling For These Vaccine Scams

Health Center at Auraria – Steve Monaco, director of the Health Center at Auraria, asked that I educate our campus community about vaccine-related scams to avoid. Types of scams: You’re asked to pay for your vaccine You will not have to pay to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it’s your turn. It is free. If you’re asked to pay or provide private information, that’s not legit. You’re offered early access for a fee If you receive an offer to get...

Fauci Strikes Back At Conservative Governor

Speaking to CBS News on Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said South Dakota Governor Noem’s comments were “unfortunate” and “not really helpful.”

Covid Vaccine Tech May Finally End Malaria

The Academic Times – Consistently ranked as one of the leading causes of death around the world, malaria doesn’t have an effective vaccine yet. But researchers have invented a promising new blueprint for one — with properties akin to the novel RNA-based vaccine for COVID-19. Making a vaccine for malaria is challenging because its associated parasite, Plasmodium, contains a protein that inhibits production of memory T-cells, which protect against previously encountered pathogens. If the body...

3 In 5 Russians Fear Virus, Vaccine Are Bio Weapons

Nearly two-thirds of Russians are not willing to receive Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, and about the same number believe the new coronavirus was created artificially as a biological weapon, an independent pollster said on Monday.

5 Life Hacks To Fix Cholesterol Fast

MAYO CLINIC NEWS NETWORK – Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in your blood. Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high levels of cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease. With high cholesterol, you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Eventually, these deposits grow, making it difficult for enough blood to flow through your arteries. Sometimes those deposits can break suddenly and form a clot that causes a heart...

Every Person In This Room Got Covid

SELF – This week, new research provides a stark reminder that COVID-19 and the gym don't mix particularly well. Indoor group fitness classes are actually a pretty effective way to transmit the coronavirus, according to two new studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Both of the studies looked at COVID-19 outbreaks that took place at fitness facilities in Honolulu and Chicago during summer 2020—including one cycling class where every participant ended...

Impoverished Nations Demand Access to US Intellectual Property On Vaccines

PARIS (AP) — In an industrial neighborhood on the outskirts of Bangladesh's largest city lies a factory with gleaming new equipment imported from Germany, its immaculate hallways lined with hermetically sealed rooms. It is operating at just a quarter of its capacity. It is one of three factories that The Associated Press found on three continents whose owners say they could start producing hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccines on short notice if only they...


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