Big Pharma Genetically Modifying Pigs for Organ Harvesting

After decades of failed attempts, companies including Revivicor, eGenesis and Makana Therapeutics are engineering pigs to be more humanlike....

Who’s A Good Hound?! Long-Eared K9 Reunites Lost Boy, Family

Bloodhounds are known for their keen sense of smell, including the ability to distinguish the scent of one human from another.

Colorado Poultry Workers Battle Bird Flu in Heat Wave as US Struggles to Contain Outbreak

KFF Health News – Six people who work at a poultry farm in northeastern Colorado have tested positive for the bird flu, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported July 19. This brings the known number of U.S. cases this year to 10. The workers were likely infected by chickens, which they had been tasked with killing in response to a bird flu outbreak at the farm. The endeavor occurred amid a heat wave, as outside...

SMOKING GUN: Documents Show HHS Focuses on ‘Anti-Racism’ Despite Becerra’s Denial

The Daily Signal – The Department of Health and Human Services under President Joe Biden has received multiple recommendations to implement “anti-racism” in policy based on the premise that America suffers from “systemic racism,” even though HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra publicly denied having any “anti-racism policies.” “I would challenge you to show me where in our policies we call anything we’re doing ‘anti-racism’ policies,” Becerra testified in Congress back in April 2022. “We’re simply trying to make sure...

Texas city to vote on ban on people helping patients traveling for abortion

If passed, the ordinance would not expose people seeking abortions to liability, but rather anyone who “aids or abets an elective abortion if the abortion is performed on a resident of Amarillo” regardless of where the abortion occurs.

Longtime Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Dies after Fight w/ Cancer

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) Radical leftist Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, who had a reputation for being a fierce and formidable adversary to her political opponents but earned the unwavering loyalty of her constituents and allies, lost a fight with cancer at the age of 74. “A fierce champion of the people, she was affectionately and simply known as ‘Congresswoman’ by her constituents in recognition of her near-ubiquitous presence and service to their daily lives for more...

Mayo Clinic Minute: Preventing traveler’s diarrhea

Mayo Clinic Minute – Traveler's diarrhea is a common and uncomfortable digestive tract disorder that can affect people when they travel to new environments. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 70% of travelers experience episodes. It's caused by eating contaminated food or water.  Dr. Jesse Bracamonte, a Mayo Clinic family medicine physician, says traveler's diarrhea is not usually serious, but can be highly unpleasant. He offers strategies to help you stay healthy and avoid it. Watch:...

Scientific breakthroughs that could change your life

"It's the beginning of a new era for many of these diseases that we first thought were untreatable."

Mainstream media puzzled: “At Trump’s GOP Convention, There’s Little To Be Heard on Health Care”

HEADLINE HEALTH – "No talk of Obamacare. Or abortion." So laments mainstream media news outlet KFF Health News. Apparently this left-leaning source managed to miss two key points: 1. Republicans understand that the government is already too involved in healthcare. 2. Republicans understand that abortion is not healthcare. Obamacare and legal abortion are both scourges on this nation. One is bankrupting the nation financially, the latter is is bankrupting the nation morally. Donald Trump does not need to explain...

Thinking about getting a tattoo? New research might change your mind

“Pathogens or other harmful substances in these inks can travel from the injection site through the blood and lymphatic systems to other parts of the body."

Doctors Are Increasingly Worried About Biden

THE NEW YORKER – From the moment that Joe Biden announced his candidacy for President, in 2019, he has been attacked as being too old. At the time, Biden was seventy-six and cast himself as a “transitional” figure—a “bridge” to the next generation. Since then, he has governed admirably, passing more meaningful legislation than almost anyone thought possible with flimsy Democratic majorities in Congress. But, in the past year, concerns about his fitness have gained traction...

A major shift at Starbucks has changed its personality

Today, 70% of Starbucks orders are mobile and drive-thru.

New pill could stop cancer growth for 40,000 men

GLOUCESTERSHIRE LIVE – A hormone reduction pill which can be taken at home could benefit more than 40,000 men in England with advanced prostate cancer. Relugolix, also known as Orgovyx and made by Accord, is an androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), a medicine that reduces testosterone levels to treat prostate cancer. ADTs are usually administered by injection, but relugolix is the first oral treatment of its kind to be approved by the National Institute for Health and...
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