One in 10 U.S. School-Age Kids Have ADHD: Report

U.S. News & World Report -- About 1 in every 10 U.S. children ages 5 to 17 has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to the latest government statistics. The data from the National Health Interview Survey covers the years 2020 through 2022 and came from in-person or phone interviews involving a representative sample of American homes. It found that 11.3% of school-age children have been diagnosed with ADHD, with boys more likely...

Dementia treatments linked with serious side effects: Study

The treatments are highly controversial due to the serious side-effects and their limited efficiency.

Doctors in Somalia discover a patient with four kidneys

Despite his rare condition, the boy's kidneys were healthy and functioning normally.

‘They wouldn’t just eat any white men that fell from the sky’

THE DAILY MAIL – Outraged Papua New Guinea academics have slammed President Joe Biden for his 'unacceptable' suggestion that his uncle was eaten by cannibals in the country after his plane was shot down during World War II. Biden implied on two occasions Wednesday that his maternal uncle 2nd Lieutenant Ambrose J. Finnegan had met a grisly end at the hands of cannibals after his plane was shot down by the enemy over New Guinea...

What’s behind Philadelphia’s soaring STI rates?

WHYY News  – STI Awareness Week has put a renewed spotlight on Philadelphia’s status as in the country when it comes to sexually transmitted infection rates. That’s according to a study released earlier this year, based on CDC data comparing the STI rates of 100 cities nationwide. Philadelphia has hovered in the five for several years, ranking fifth in 2023. So what’s behind Philadelphia’s soaring STI rates, and what is the city doing about it? Causes...

H5N1 Strain Of Bird Flu Found In Milk; Vaccines Coming?

In the case of a pandemic, there are close to 20 influenza vaccines licensed for pandemic use and they could be tailored with the specific virus strain in circulation.

For Trump, COVID has become a four-letter word

THE BOSTON GLOBE — When it comes to Donald Trump fandom, it’s hard to top 64-year-old Edward X. Young. It’s hard to miss him, too, at one of the 74 Trump rallies he proudly boasts he’s attended. Awaiting the start of his latest one here on April 13, Young wore a bright green Make America Great Again hat, a Trump T-shirt, a denim jacket festooned with more than a dozen Trump buttons, and a grin...

England Finds No Evidence for Transing Kids. Will U.S. Doctors Listen?

GRANITE GROK – There is no sound evidence that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones improve mental health. “The reality is that we have no good evidence on the long-term outcomes of interventions to manage gender-related distress.” This is one of the conclusions of The Cass Review, conducted by National Health Services England (NHSE) under the direction of Dr. Hillary Cass in the wake of concerns about the sudden increase in referrals to gender services, especially among...

Cat Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Georgia Veterinary Associates – We've compiled a list of random and interesting cat facts any cat lover would want to know! When cats climb a tree, they can't go back down it head first. This is because their claws are facing the same way, instead, they have to go back down backward. A group of cats is called a “clowder.” According to a Hebrew legend, God created cats after Noah prayed for help in...

Mentally stimulating work plays key role in staving off dementia, study finds

THE GUARDIAN (UK) – People in routine and repetitive jobs found to have 31% greater risk of disease in later life, and 66% higher risk of mild cognitive problems If work is a constant flurry of mind-straining challenges, bursts of creativity and delicate negotiations to keep the troops happy, consider yourself lucky. Researchers have found that the more people use their brains at work, the better they seem to be protected against thinking and memory problems...

Salmonella Poisoning Outbreak Prompts Trader Joe’s Basil Recall

KFF HEALTH  NEWS – The latest food poisoning incident has sickened 13 people across multiple states and is linked to a particular organic basil product. Recall Issued For Trader Joe's Basil After Salmonella Poisons 13 Amaris Encinas, April 18, 2024 USA TODAY – Trader Joe’s basil is making people across the country sick, with the grocery chain store confirming Wednesday that the product was connected with a multistate salmonella outbreak. A number of agencies, including the FDA and...

Video surfaces showing Tony Soprano living in witness protection

CNN – A 14-year-old video featuring two stars of the HBO show "The Sopranos" has resurfaced and hints at what may have happened to Tony after show finale ... SEE VIDEO Michael Imperioli remembers James Gandolfini 10 years after his death: 'Miss you lots' By Angeline Jane Bernabe, June 19, 2023 ABC NEWS – Michael Imperioli is paying tribute to his "Sopranos" co-star James Gandolfini 10 years after his death. "Batman and Robin… my favorite picture of us," Imperioli...

R.F.K. Jr.’s Environmental Colleagues Urge Him to Drop Presidential Bid

“A vote for RFK Jr. is a vote to destroy that progress and put Trump back in the White House,” reads an advertisement taken out by former colleagues of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Avian flu outbreak raises a disturbing question: Is our food system built on poop?

LOS ANGELES TIMES – If it’s true that you are what you eat, then most beef-eating Americans consist of a smattering of poultry feathers, urine, feces, wood chips and chicken saliva, among other food items. As epidemiologists scramble to figure out how dairy cows throughout the Midwest became infected with a strain of highly pathogenic avian flu — a disease that has decimated hundreds of millions of wild and farmed birds, as well as tens...
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