Worker Attacked Inside Wolf ‘Sanctuary’

FOX NEWS – A worker at the same exotic animal preserve where a lion killed an intern in 2018 was attacked by two juvenile wolves on Saturday. The Conservators Center, located in Burlington, N.C., said a professionally trained animal keeper was performing "routine activities" with two of the Center’s wolves when he was bitten.   The attack happened within the wolves’ secure enclosure, separated from the public tour path by multiple fencing barriers, the Center said in...

Florida Man, Wife, Die In Hospice 15 Minutes Apart

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Bill and Esther Ilnisky spent nearly seven decades together as Christian ministers and missionaries, working in the Caribbean and Middle East before preaching for 40 years in Florida. They complemented each other — he the bookworm, she outgoing and charismatic. One without the other seemed unthinkable. So when they died minutes apart of COVID-19 this month at a Palm Beach County hospice, it may have been a hidden blessing,...

3 Times A Day? Yes, 3 Times A Day

YAHOO! LIFE – Suzanne Somers is sizzling at 74. The Three's Company star and breast cancer survivor spoke candidly about her and husband Alan Hamel's thriving sex life in an appearance on the Heather Dubrow's World podcast, sharing that the couple has sex "three times before noon." The author of A New Way to Age shared that because she's 74 and her husband is 84, most people would assume they're slowing down. But that couldn't be...

Janice Dean Latest To Speak Out Against Cuomo

FOX NEWS – Family members of New York nursing home residents who say their relatives contracted coronavirus and died after Gov. Andrew Cuomo's March 25 directive held a memorial on Sunday with attendees including Fox News' Janice Dean. Dean, who attributes her in-laws' coronavirus deaths to Cuomo's directive, said she and the other rally attendees had become like family. "I'm here today as a grieving family member, not someone who is politically motivated, which our governor...

Blacks Call Racism A ‘Public Health Crisis,’ Demand More Funding

The Virginia resolution cites more than 100 studies that link racism to negative health outcomes. The research indicates the cumulative experience of racism throughout a person’s life can induce chronic stress and health conditions that may lead to otherwise preventable deaths. Overall life expectancy for African Americans is nearly 3 ½ years shorter than for white people.

Newsom Donor Rakes In $15 Million, No-Bid Vaccine Contract

A growing number of public health officials and lawmakers say Blue Shield isn’t the right choice to coordinate the state’s vaccine distribution. And California’s counties, which are implementing the state’s coronavirus response, simply refuse to sign on with the insurer.

Texas Cop Kills Illegal Immigrant Wanted For Child Rape

An armed child-rape suspect who left Arkansas, where he was wanted on 11 felony counts, was killed in Arlington, Texas, this week after pointing a gun at police during a traffic stop, according to a report.

Texas Roadhouse CEO Suicides With Post-Covid Symptoms

PLUS: What To Do If You Have Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WSAZ) – The family of Texas Roadhouse founder and CEO Kent Taylor said Friday that Taylor took his own life after a battle with post-COVID-related symptoms. In a statement, the family said those symptoms included severe tinnitus (ringing in the ears). The Louisville-based restaurant said Thursday that Taylor had died. He founded the company in 1993, which expanded to more than 630 locations in 49...

Ban Pitbulls? Another Child Killed By Vicious Dogs

NEW YORK POST – The two dogs that mauled a 3-year-old New Jersey boy to death and seriously injured his mother were their neighbor’s unregistered pit bulls — which snuck into their backyard, according to reports Wednesday. The animals somehow got past a fence and into the yard of an adjacent home in Carteret, where the toddler and his mom were playing around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, WABC reported. The boy was airlifted to a hospital, where...

Suddenly, Just 3′ Of ‘Social Distancing’ Is Enough

GOOD MORNING AMERICA – Citing the "preponderance of the available evidence from U.S. schools," the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday that 3-feet of distance among students is sufficient in the classroom so long as masks and other mitigation steps are taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. By easing spacing requirements, the new guidance is likely to make it significantly easier for many of the nation’s estimated 57 million K-12 students to...

Biden Racist? New Admin Puts Kids In “Cages,” Too

The Biden administration is accommodating migrant children in hastily improvised lockups, spurring Republicans to argue that Democrats are now the ones throwing "kids in cages."

Vegans, Meat Lovers Square Off On ‘National Vegan Day’

FOOD SAFETY NEWS | OPINION – Jared Polis is governor of Colorado. He is an interesting fellow. We called him to the attention of readers of Food Safety News when he was serving in Congress because of his association with the Food Freedom movement. Turn the clock back to 2015 when then-Congressman Polis, D-CO, was a proud member of the Food Freedom Caucus led by Rep. Thomas Massie, R-KY. They campaigned for national raw milk bills...

‘Racist’ Spa Shooter Is A Known Sex Addict

PLUS: Stigmas on race, gender and sex overlap in Atlanta slayings USA TODAY – Robert Aaron Long, the 21-year-old suspect charged with eight counts of murder after three shootings Tuesday at Atlanta-area spas, had been in rehab for sex addiction and was wracked with guilt about his sexual urges, according to two people who lived with him in transitional housing. Long allegedly shot and killed eight people – six women and two men – at three...

Congressman Rips Biden’s Plan to Send Vaccines to Mexico & Canada

With the U.S. closing in on President Joe Biden‘s goal of injecting 100 million coronavirus vaccinations weeks ahead of his target date, the White House said the nation is now in position to help supply neighbors Canada and Mexico with millions of shots.


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