Biden’s COVID-19 Flip-Flops: A Timeline

"After gaining power, Biden’s rhetoric changed, almost overnight."

Bad News For Popeye’s: “I was violently sick with nausea and vomiting …”

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Merritt Island, FL – "stomach churning" Symptoms: Nausea Diarrhea Vomiting | Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Merritt Island, FL | February 3, 2021, 11:17 AM “I ate only a spicy fried chicken sandwich about 1pm, stomach churning about 6pm, and by 9pm I was violently sick with nausea and vomiting which continued throughout the night. Diarrhea started in the am, along with continued vomiting. Lost my voice after all the vomiting episodes... ” Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Loganville, GA –...

Super Bowl Party? Forget About It, Says Fauci

"You don't want parties with people that you haven't had much contact with. You just don't know if they're infected." – Dr. Anthony Fauci

Public Health Doctor Charged With Vaccine Theft

CNN – A Texas public health doctor charged with stealing a vial of Covid-19 vaccine was trying to use leftover doses so they wouldn't go to waste, his attorney said Friday. Dr. Hasan Gokal has been charged with theft by a public servant, a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg's office said in a statement Thursday. Gokal is accused of...

Floridians Report ‘Significant’ Vaccine Side Effects

SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL – COVID vaccinations have been going into the arms of Floridians for six weeks, and initial reports from people who receive the shots suggest wide-ranging adverse effects — from fevers to strokes — are limited but can be significant. Some of the most crucial revelations focus on how seniors — studied minimally in trials but considered a priority in Florida — are reacting to the vaccine. So far, reported side effects range...

China Seeks To Skirt Blame As WHO Combs Through Labs

WUHAN, China (AP) — World Health Organization experts visited an animal disease center in the Chinese city of Wuhan on Tuesday as part of their investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. Team member Peter Daszak told reporters later they had "excellent facilities, very informative meeting," and he tweeted the team met with staff in charge of the health of livestock in Hubei province, toured laboratories and had an "in-depth" discussion along with questions...

Experts Re-Examine 2-Dose Policy

"The goal of vaccination under the approach we are using is to reduce the morbidity and mortality, not only to stop transmission. With [variants] it's just a stronger reason to try to use get as many people as partially immunized as possible."

We’re Learning More About Norway’s 33 Post-Vaccine Deaths

WIRED – When reports emerged from Norway about a handful of deaths amongst people who had received the Covid-19 vaccine, vocal vaccine deniers were quick to pounce on the news. On January 14, the Norwegian Medicines Agency (Noma) reported that 23 people had died after receiving their first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Those who died were described as having severe underlying health conditions and were all aged 75 or over. (The number of deaths...

FEMA, US Military Prepare For National Vaccine Rollout

CBS NEWS – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has asked the Pentagon to ready as many as 10,000 troops to support 100 COVID-19 vaccination sites nationwide, with the goal of administering 450,000 vaccinations a day. The federal government envisions 50 "mega" vaccination sites capable of administering 6,000 shots per day, in addition to 50 "large" vaccination sites providing 3,000 shots per day, according to defense officials. The first of the FEMA-powered vaccination sites are expected...

Chick-fil-A Manager Runs Vaccine Drive-Thru Like A Boss

When a South Carolina drive-thru coronavirus vaccine clinic got backed up, leaving people waiting for hours, the town mayor decided to call in a professional for help: a Chick-fil-A manager.

Politically Connected 33-Year-Old Shows Up At Senior Center, Gets Vaccine Meant For 65-Plus

Alex Lasry, a 33-year-old Milwaukee Bucks executive and son of a billionaire, received the coronavirus vaccine this week at a senior living center in Milwaukee despite not being part of a group currently eligible for the shots in Wisconsin.

NOW Will You Get A Vaccine? Men Who Get Covid Also Get ED

Professor Emmanuele A. Jannini, of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, and his colleagues found a definite connection between erectile dysfunction and COVID-19.

The Real Side Effects Of Covid Vaccines

WebMD went to the experts for answers to a dozen frequently asked questions about the vaccines. Here’s what you need to know. How safe is the COVID-19 vaccine? Paul Offit, MD, a member of the FDA advisory panel that recommended the vaccine’s use, says rigorous clinical trials of the shot identified no safety concerns, despite its sped-up production. “These vaccines were subjected to large phase III clinical trials,” says Offit, a vaccine expert at Children’s Hospital of...

Fauci Promises WHO Free Vaccines To Ensure “Equitable Access”

Anthony Fauci has informed the World Health Organization that the Biden administration will participate in WHO’s vaccine-sharing project.


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