Brian Stelter Called Out Over Criticism Of Conservative Media For Questioning Biden’s Mental Health

Stelter called recent criticism of Joe Biden’s mental health “mind boggling,” “offensive” and labeled it “negative partisanship.” | Screenshot” CNN/YouTube

“If Brian Stelter wants to improve the quality of dialogue in the nation he should start with his own network.” — William A. Jacobson 

Aug 10, 2020

Fox News – CNN’s Brian Stelter baffled media watchdogs on Sunday who now question if the liberal pundit has ever watched his own network.

During his “Reliable Sources” media show, Stelter criticized conservative pundits and talk radio hosts for speculating about presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s mental health and fitness for office, despite his own show having spent years doing the same thing to President Trump.

“At some point, don’t Stelter’s bosses have to recognize what an absolute embarrassment he is to their network?” conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News. “Stelter spent weeks wildly spreading baseless conspiracy theories about Trump’s mental health and now he has the audacity to question others asking questions about Biden?”

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Stelter called recent criticism of Biden’s mental health “mind-boggling,” “offensive” and labeled it “negative partisanship,” characterized by despising the opposing party more than supporting their own party.

“It is so hateful,” Stelter complained, claiming that “negative partnership” directed at Biden from the right is more extreme than anything the left says about Trump.

Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson said he couldn’t fathom what he was hearing and told Fox News that Stelter’s commentary and show raises a very serious question.

“Has Brian Stelter ever watched CNN, which demeans Trump around the clock as a racist mentally unstable Putin puppet?” — William A. Jacobson

“Has Brian Stelter ever watched CNN, which demeans Trump around the clock as a racist, mentally unstable Putin puppet? Or any of the other major networks that spread Russia collusion conspiracy theories … ” Read more. 

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