Bill Gates, 5G, ‘Plandemic,’ And Other Whacky Covid Myths

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“Bill Gates is behind it as a way to boost vaccine sales,” and other Covid-19 lies | 

And no, viruses can’t travel on 5G networks |

Aug 31, 2020


Elemental – Only a highly politicized, historically deadly pandemic could generate this number of outlandish and sometimes deadly myths, conspiracies, hoaxes, and misconceptions.

Here’s a reality check on a dozen or so of the more inaccurate, outrageous, and sometimes dangerous Covid-19 falsehoods.

1. The coronavirus spreads on 5G networks

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This would be fascinating were it true… or even possible! Star Trek fans would recognize the stunning breakthrough as the first instance of biological teleportation.

The myth, spread in part by a handful of celebrities, holds that cell towers broadcast Covid-19 over 5G frequencies or that the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by 5G smartphones somehow cause the disease or make it worse.

For the record, 5G is nothing more than radio waves at higher frequencies than 4G.

Mayo Clinic puts it bluntly: “Viruses can’t travel on radio waves.” (Well, some viruses can, but they’re not the biological variety.)

Florida Woman Dead After Seeing 5G Hoax on Facebook

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2. The virus was made in a laboratory

By mid-March, 23% of Americans were convinced Covid-19 was developed intentionally in a laboratory, and another 6% thought it was accidentally made in a lab, a Pew Research Center poll found.

The percentage of infectious-disease experts who agree is roughly 0%.

There are variations on this conspiracy theory, including that it’s a scheme for population control or that Bill Gates is behind it as a way to boost vaccine sales.

Or that either China or the U.S. developed it as a bioweapon.

In fact, the novel coronavirus, like many viruses before it, originated in animals and hopped to humans.

Numerous scientists have analyzed the genome of the virus and come to the same conclusion.

A July 28 study in the journal Nature Microbiology confirmed what many others have indicated: The virus came from bats.

The Coronavirus Was Not Engineered In A Lab. Here’s How We Know.

3. It’s not that bad

This is just total BS— a product of political efforts to detract from the seriousness of the pandemic or outright denial of facts … Read more. 

Bill Gates, 5G, ‘Plandemic’: Hoaxes That Make Doctors’ Jobs Harder

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