Big Problem With Yelp Doctor Reviews

“Doctors engage with you and have a direct effect on your life, health, and your mortality. This is much different than your relationship with a local restaurant, barber, or laundromat. Leaving this decision up to online reviews may not lead to the health outcome you desire.”

Sep 22, 2020

Medifind – Today’s consumers consult internet reviews to make a lot of decisions.

From buying cars and bikes to finding the best local restaurant or hair salon—they crowdsource their lives to find the best services.

While sifting through Yelp reviews may be valuable for finding the best local cafe or auto dealer, it’s not the best practice for vetting physicians.

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The general consensus has been that as long as medical doctors have undergone medical training and they are licensed to practice, they provide quality care.

But, sadly, this is not the case. And, online reviews do not tell the full picture either.

As a health consumer, quality of care and well-being is the top priority. But, tipping the quality scales in your favor when finding a doctor is only possible when you have a full range of data on physicians.

Elements such as a doctor’s medical record, their research, specialties, infractions, and other pertinent information give you a well-rounded picture of a doctor’s competence.

Unfortunately, online review sites like Yelp do not reveal any of these critical factors.

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They do not leave you with enough information to make a decision that will result in a positive health experience.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), “It is difficult for a prospective patient to find (for any given physician on any commercial physician-rating website) a quantity of reviews that would accurately relay the experience of care with that physician.”

We realize that navigating your healthcare journey can be confusing and overwhelming. With so much to worry about, online reviews can shortcut your search for a good doctor and give you some peace of mind about your decision … Read more. 


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