Biden’s Odd Behavior Increases

'I think we're all very concerned for his mental health, and it is a national security issue... '

Headline USA – Sen. Roger Marshall, M.D., R-Kan., said that if the GOP regains majority control after the mid-term elections, they would consider passing legislation requiring that President Joe Biden undergo a cognitive exam.

“What can you tell us about the mental capacity of our commander-in-chief?” asked Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “Is this a national security issue?”

The question was certainly appropriate given the disturbing rash of unhinged, confused and incoherent outbursts from Biden.

“Unfortunately, it is,” Marshall, a physician, said.

The concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities and emotional stability come as tensions increase with bellicose talks from the White House about Russia invading Ukraine.

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“I think we’re all concerned for President Biden’s mental health,” Marshall said. “I think that when you compare today’s films  to some of his films of even a year ago, you see a deterioration in his mental capacity.”

That opinion is shared by a growing number of lawmakers, the most recent example coming last week when 37 Republicans sent a letter to Biden urging him to take a cognitive test.

One of the letter’s chief authors was Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House doctor to Presidents George W. BushBarack Obama and Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden has continually proven to me and to the world that something isn’t right,” Jackson said. “The American people deserve to have absolute confidence in their president’s cognitive ability.”

Jackson said the request for Biden to take a cognitive exam isn’t a partisan issue.

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“When I discussed taking a cognitive test with President Trump, he was eager to assure the American people and to put the fake news media’s stories to bed.

“Why won’t President Biden do the same?” Jackson asked.

He might not have a choice, according to Marshall.

“You know, maybe we need to be proactive and ask once a year, much like we ask our president to get a physical, from a doctor, that he also take some sort of mental test,” Marshall said.

“I think we’re all very concerned for his mental health, and it is a national security issue.”

It doesn’t require a deep dive to understand the concern, based on Biden’s recent unstable behavior.

In a disastrous interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Biden could barely manage to hold his train of thought about whether he would or wouldn’t rescue Americans from Ukraine if Russia invades that country.

“Biden left Americans at the hands of a terrorist organization in Afghanistan,” Red State noted. “Biden is basically saying that American safety would be up to Putin, not him; he’s out of it.”

The mental slide continued when Biden apparently forgot what country he was talking about, or maybe even who he was talking to because the interviewer didn’t look much like Biden’s new cat or the lady who administers his meds.

Biden also didn’t do himself any favors when he appeared confused about when he was hospitalized for surgery to relieve aneurysms on both sides of his brain.

“But you know what — the fact is that — I was hospitalized a long time, a couple years ago, cranial aneurysms, I was hospitalized for a long time,” he said when talking about healthcare, according to My Daily Freedom

Biden was hospitalized for cranial aneurysms in 1988, which according to him was either a long time ago or a couple years ago.

Biden’s own handlers are obviously well aware of his decline and are doing everything in their power to shield his slipping mental state from the public.

A White House official warned reporters to not even “think about” asking Biden questions as the president was set to meet last week with CEOs of energy companies.

“Reporters began shouting questions to Biden as he concluded his opening remarks and staffers began herding the press corps out of the room,” reported Daily Caller.

One aide was so concerned that Biden would start talking to the media, he explicitly warned a reporter to keep his mouth shut and not ask the aging, mentally fragile president any questions.

“Don’t think about it, Matt,” she said, according to pool reporters covering the event.

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