Ageless Granny, 84, Is National Sharpshooting Champ – Again

Chandro Tomar never picked up a gun until she was 65 years old, but as soon as she set off her first shot, she knew the talent inside of her. – GreatBigStory.com

“Men lose to me and say they’ve been embarrassed by a woman.” 

At 84, the World’s Oldest Female Sharpshooter Doesn’t Miss 

| Great Big Story – Chandro Tomar is now 84 years old, and she’s a talented sharpshooter with skills outrivaling almost everyone she knows.

Nicknamed “Shooter Dadi,” Tomar has competed in and won over 25 national championships in India, has been honored by political leaders and even has an upcoming movie slated to be released about her life.

Oh, and she’s the oldest female sharpshooter. In the world.

For Tomar, shooting is more than a hobby. She says it helps to teach her and other women self-defense, a skill she believes is very important for all women to learn.

As an icon in the sport, she has inspired girls to get involved … Read more. 

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PREVIOUSLY: “I shot plum through both of them.” – Ageless Granny, 101

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