“I shot plum through both of them.” – Ageless Granny, 101

Bertha Vickers, Mississippi. Screenshot: Clarion Ledger

101-year-old’s secret to a long life? Deer hunting.

She bagged two deer in one shot; “they both dropped right there”

| Clarion Ledger – Bertha Vickers is still going strong at 101 years old, and this year she managed to harvest two deer with one shot.

Vickers mows her own lawn, keeps house, cooks and raises vegetables.

She’s hunted and fished most of her life. She still enjoys fishing, but at her age, she said she can no longer go alone.

“I didn’t get to fish any last year,” Vickers said. “I’m not as strong as I was last year. I hope to get to fish a little this year.”

Squirrel hunting is another matter.

“I killed several squirrels before I went deer hunting,” Vickers said. “I just went right around here in the edge of the woods. I’ve always gone by myself close by.”

Back in the blind

This season, Vickers was determined to bag a deer.

And when one came in view from her position in her blind, she decided to watch and wait.

“I decided to wait for a bigger one,” Vickers said. “Before long, a bigger doe came out and I shot.

“Then I saw two deer on the ground. I shot plum through both of them. They both dropped right there. They didn’t take another step. I knew it was back there, but I didn’t realize it was that close to her where it could get shot.” Read the full story. 


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