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As Big Pharma Loses Interest in New Antibiotics, Infections Are Only Growing Stronger

Common urinary tract infections, or UTIs, that lead to emergency room visits and even hospitalizations because of the failure of oral antibiotics are troubling infectious disease specialists.

Crony Capitalists Cash In On Deep State/Big Pharma Revolving Door

HEADLINE HEALTH – The free flow of key personnel between US regulatory agencies and the corporations they oversee is well known. These personnel often hold...

Which Companies Aren’t Exiting Russia? Big Pharma

Even as the war in Ukraine has prompted an exodus of international companies from Russia, U.S. and global drug companies said they would continue manufacturing and selling their products there.

Big Pharma’s Chokehold On Diabetics Is About To End

Civica Rx, a non-profit generic drug maker, has announced that it plans to manufacture and sell insulin for no more than $30 a vial. It is expected to be available as soon as early 2024, pending federal approval.

Big Pharma Overcharges Men 400% For Prostate Drug Developed At Taxpayer Expense

LOS ANGELES TIMES – Xtandi, a wonder drug for prostate cancer, was developed at UCLA with substantial funding from the taxpayers through the Pentagon...

Seeking Refills: Aging Pharmacists Leave Drugstores Vacant in Rural America

Pharmacies were once routinely bequeathed from one generation to the next, but, in interviews with more than a dozen pharmacists, many said the pressure of running an independent drugstore have them pushing their offspring toward other careers.

Big Pharma Fast-Tracks Omicron Vaccines

The World Health Organization on Friday said the new strain, named omicron, is a “variant of concern” that may pose a higher risk of reinfection than past mutations of the virus. Pfizer and BioNTech said they are investigating omicron, first labeled B.1.1.529, and can adapt their vaccine quickly if needed.

Big Pharma Spikes Medicare Part B Premiums

WASHINGTON (AP) — Medicare’s “Part B” outpatient premium will jump by $21.60 a month in 2022, one of the largest increases ever. Officials said...

Pharma Campaign Cash Delivered to Key Lawmakers With Surgical Precision

Kaiser Health News – The Biden administration and Congress are embroiled in high-stakes haggling over what urgent priorities will make it into the ever-shrinking...

Boosters Mean Billions For Big Pharma

Boosters will likely be offered broadly in the coming months. That, plus continued growth in initial vaccinations, could mean a huge gain in sales and profits for Pfizer and Moderna.

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