8 Popular Beers That Use the Lowest Quality Ingredients

Do you know what your favorite beer is made out of?

EAT THIS, NOT THAT! – In the year 1516, the Duke of Bavaria, Duke Wilhelm IV issued a decree often referred to as the Purity Law.

The new rule applied to the production of beer, establishing strict rules as to what could be used in the brewing process, the intent being to stop the use of all manner of cheap, inferior ingredients that were leading to terrible beer.

Today we have plenty of breweries cranking out cheap beer that would have had Duke Wilhelm IV crying foul.

Here are eight popular beers that use the lowest quality ingredients.

1. Budweiser and Bud Light

These two brews are mass-produced on an epic scale thanks in large part to the cheap ingredients used to brew them. Along with the four ingredients OK’d by the duke, the beers are also brewed with copious amounts of rice, per USA Today. And in the past, the company likely used experimental GMO rice, according to The New York Times.

2. Miller Lite

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Miller Lite may have been the first mainstream American “light” beer, and it may indeed have a decent though mild pilsner taste, but it’s a beer best avoided in high volume if you like to avoid high fructose corn syrup, according to CNBC. And not just any HFCS, but corn syrup made from genetically modified corn.

3. Pabst 

Like many lower-cost beers (AKA cheap beers), Pabst Blue Ribbon is brewed with corn syrup on the bill of ingredients. But it’s not a high fructose corn syrup, says Draft Mag, it’s actually a lower fructose content syrup than is found in many beers. But it is a corn syrup made from GMO corn. Also, they may use a non-disclosed “artificial flavoring” in PBR as well.

4. Cerveceria Modelo

The brand’s most famous beer, Corona Extra, as well as Corona Light and other brews in the family, are made using propylene glycol, which is added as a stabilizing agent, according to The Institute of Beer … READ MORE | SEE FULL LIST

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