5 States LA Residents Are Not Supposed To Visit

Be wary of travel to Nevada, Florida amid COVID surge, L.A. County health officer says

L.A. TIMES – The Los Angeles County health officer has suggested that residents reconsider travel to states with the nation’s worst rates of coronavirus transmission, including Nevada and Florida.

Dr. Muntu Davis said in his briefing to the county Board of Supervisors this week:

“I do want to recommend — especially if you’re unvaccinated — reconsider traveling to places where the seven-day COVID-19 case rates are increasingly high …

like Nevada, Missouri, Florida, Arkansas and Louisiana.”

These states have the nation’s highest levels of new coronavirus cases per capita, with weekly rates roughly four to seven times California’s.

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All five are considered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as having “high” rates of community transmission, the worst tier of the CDC’s four-tier scale.

California still is considered as having “moderate” community transmission, the second-lowest tier.

In California, for every 100,000 residents, 34.9 have newly tested positive over the past week; the comparable figure for Arkansas is 227.1; for Missouri, 183.8; Florida, 168.8; Nevada, 145.8; and Louisiana, 136.1.

L.A. County’s per capita weekly coronavirus case rate is higher than California’s but still far lower than the five states mentioned by Davis.

L.A. County is now reporting 59.2 new coronavirus cases weekly for every 100,000 residents, categorized as “substantial” community transmission, the second-highest tier … READ MORE. 

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