Florida’s ‘Python Cowboy’ Takes Out 17-Footer

Mike Kimmel was definitely intimated by the snake, but said he isn’t known as the Python Cowboy for nothing. | Image: Mike Kimmel

“I was thrilled to get this dangerous predator out of the ecosystem.”

CNN – Mike Kimmel had gone out into the Everglades last week hoping to catch a giant Burmese python.

He headed to a secluded island where he spotted alligator droppings and a black snake — but then came upon a giant python that he instantly knew was special.

“My heart started pounding,” Kimmel told CNN. “I’ve caught big ones before, but this one looked extra large.”

After a brief wrestle and a nasty bite, which was all caught in his YouTube video, Kimmel was able to grab the female snake’s head and successfully drag her back to his boat, where he [dispatched it].

[Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission lists three means of properly finishing off a python: a captive bolt gun, firearm, and decapitation; see image. – Ed.]

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florida python
Draw an imaginary line (because drawing a real one would be way too dangerous) from the rear left of the head to the right eye, and then draw another line from the rear right of the head to the left eye. The intersection of these lines is your target.

He measured the snake at about 17 feet long and he estimates that it weighed about 130 to 150 pounds, he said.

The largest python captured in Florida was 18 feet, 8 inches long … Read more. 

Alternate means of “euthanizing” a python 

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Although not the recommended method of euthanizing pythons, cranial concussion (stunning) by skilled personnel followed by decapitation is considered an acceptable method of killing large snakes by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) if immediately followed by brain destruction. Use a machete or other appropriately sharp tool.

The tool selected should be capable of decapitating the snake as efficiently as possible. Keep in mind if you choose this method, you must quickly follow up by destroying the brain with the use of a firearm, captive bolt or other effective method such as pithing.

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VIDEO: “It’s a little thick” 

Mike Kimmel captured the whole thing on video … [SUBSCRIBE]

Invasive species endanger native wildlife and human ecology. See more of Mike’s invasive species removal videos here

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