Your Underwear Might Be Causing Serious Infections, Gynecologist Warns

Your favorite pair of underwear could be putting you at risk of serious vaginal infections.

NEWSWEEK – While lacy lingerie may look elegant, its effects on our nether regions can be much less glamorous.

In fact, as of 2014, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have all effectively banned the sale and importation of lace underwear over hygiene concerns. But how bad is lace underwear, really?

Newsweek spoke to gynecologist Melanie Bone to find out.

“Lace and other non-breathable synthetic underwear can trap heat and moisture against the vulva and vagina,” Bone, the U.S. medical director at the gynecological health company Daye, told Newsweek.

“This warm, moist environment allows bacteria and yeast to overgrow, potentially leading to infections.”

“In addition to lace and polyester, I caution patients to avoid underwear containing harsh dyes and chemicals like PFAs found in some period panties.”

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“The most common infections caused or exacerbated by non-breathable underwear are yeast infections (such as thrush), bacterial vaginosis and contact dermatitis,” she added.

Some people may be particularly vulnerable to these infections. “Those most vulnerable are people with sensitive skin, frequent infections, diabetes or compromised immunity,” Bone said.

So should we all ban lacy underwear?

“While I don’t think an outright ban on lace underwear is warranted or feasible in the U.S., I do believe we need much more public education about breathable undergarments and vaginal health,” Bone said … read  more. 

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