‘You Can’t Say That On Headline Health’

10 Most Vile Comments Blocked For Violating Our Comment Policy 

No, you do NOT have a First Amendment right to post ‘Dr. Fauci should be hung on the White House lawn’

Our comment policy is intended to create a comfortable environment for those who wish to post their views about our content. It really comes down to this: civil discussion only. 

Comments that violate our comment policy are subject to removal. Readers are asked to flag objectionable posts for moderator review. Reading these examples may help you avoid having your comment removed and your account blocked.

  1. “Really numb nuts?” (Civil discussion only, please.)
  2. “Did your mama drop you on your head when you were a child?” (No speculating on another person’s mental health, and no schoolyard taunts.)
  3. “AND DO YOU CALL YOURSELF A PATRIOT?” (Questioning another user’s faith or patriotism is out of bounds. Instead, post your opinion about our content. We also ask you to avoid posting in ALL CAPS, which comes across as screaming.)
  4. “So you are taking a stand with the Nazi party?” (Use of the word Nazi is reserved for references to actual Nazis, primarily the German Third Reich.)
  5. “Dr. Fauci should be hung on the White House lawn.” (Threats against a federal official are reportable to the FBI, and threats against anyone are not permitted here.)
  6. “I really thank George Soros, Bill Gates, Dr. Facuit [sic] and the others that invented this shit.” (No conspiracy theories, please.)
  7. “Wake up and get informed before making ignorant comments.” (Better idea: get informed about our comment policy.)
  8. “Heads will roll. It’s getting closer every minute, every day. When it does, they will take no treasonous prisoners.” (No threats of violence or physical harm.)
  9. “What is this all about? — ‘off-topic complaint about moderation.'” (Readers are here to read about health news, not your objections to our comment policy. Complaints about moderation are off-topic and not allowed.)
  10. “You are a bozo and nothing else. Stupid as a door knob, ignorant and submissive.” (Civil. Discussion. Only.)

Read full comment policy here.

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