Woman Exposes Breasts At Disney, Gets Free $75 Shirt

Exhibitionist says this ‘hack’ got her free Disney merchandise | PLUS: Is visiting Disney more trouble than it's worth? 

NY POST – Amanda DiMeo posted a video revealing how she got a $75 shirt for free while at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida recently.

“If you’re wearing a shirt that shows a little underboob, they’ll write you a ticket when you first enter Magic Kingdom — I’m not sure about the other parks — but they’ll write you a ticket so you can get a free shirt at the nearest gift shop,” the TikTok star shared with her 800,000 followers.

“I just got a $75 T-shirt just because I was wearing a shirt that was exposing my underboob a little bit,” she explained. “So yeah, if you want free Disney shirts, that’s the hack.”

DiMeo ends the video modeling the free merchandise with a voiceover and caption, “Ok but it’s so cute and if it’s free it’s for me. thank u Disney.” (A check of DiMeo’s social media account reveals her obsession with revealing as much of herself as she can get away with, which apparently she finds necessary even at a family-oriented theme park. – HH)

The Disney website states that the company “reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate.” … Click here to read more. 

Is visiting Disney more trouble than it’s worth? Vacation is supposed to relieve stress, not cause it.

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“You have to plan out a trip to the parks as if it were a military operation …” 

INSIDE THE MAGIC – From booking FastPass+ reservations (though currently suspended) to finding the perfect time to dine at Be Our Guest or Topolino’s Terrace, planning a Walt Disney World vacation can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful.

Before FastPass+ reservations or the Disney Park Pass system (which was implemented due to the ongoing pandemic to help manage capacity at the theme parks — Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios), visiting Walt Disney World seemed to have more spontaneity.

But nowadays, in order to visit a theme park, one must be able to score a Disney Park Pass – meaning those last-minute trips or even day-of changes are nearly impossible to make.

One Reddit user shared just this and how they feel as though Disney World has become too stressful.

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After the post was live, we can see there are several other Disney fans and Guests who also miss the spontaneity of visiting Walt Disney World and feel as though a vacation now involves too much planning and stress.

The original Reddit post, by RoughCoffe6, said:

I guess what I mean to say is that when I was a kid there was no FastPass system or anything or park restrictions based on size where you had to pick a certain park for each day. It feels like nowadays you have to plan out a trip to the parks as if it were a military operation, with hard timetables for rides or restaurants and it really sucks the fun out of the experience somewhat. Am I the only one who feels this way?

In less than a day, the post has gathered over 60 comments, with other Reddit users feeling the same way … Click here to read more. 

Free Disney shirt hack

“Free Disney shirt hack” — wear a top that gives away a little too much information, says Amanda DiMeo. She went home with a shirt valued at $75 after arriving at the family-oriented theme park in a top that wasn’t all the way there.
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