‘Wheel’ Health Update; Pat’s Daughter Takes Over For Vanna

Jan 7, 2019

Wheel of Fortune history was made on Monday, when longtime host Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie filled in at the letter board so Vanna White could step in and fill in as the host for Pat, 73, as he recovers from his emergency surgery for a blocked intestine in November.

White, 62, hosted the show for the first time in December, following his surgery, returning to host again all this week, with Maggie, 25, stepping in for Vanna.

‘This is a little complicated so pay attention,’ Pat explained. ‘I was back from my surgery last week and had a wonderful time on the show and I’m not gonna be here this week.’

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He added that his absence is not due to a relapse, but rather, ‘the technicalities of the taping order and all that.’

He concluded by stating that all week, fans will get to see Vanna, ‘do her Pat impression, and we have a special letter toucher so pay attention.’

After Maggie gave Vanna a hug, she then gave an update on her father, saying he’s, ‘doing well.’

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After Monday’s episode, Sajak tweeted out another supportive message stating, ‘Another nice job by @TheVannaWhite filling in this week on Wheel. I like the new puzzle person, too.’

‘From the perspective of his daughter, it was a scary experience, I’m not gonna lie, but he’s doing great and he’s so excited to be back next week,’ Maggie said.

Sajak had surgery for a blocked intestine in November, but he revealed just days later that the surgery was a success and, ‘the worst had passed.’ Read more.

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