What’s behind Philadelphia’s soaring STI rates?

Younger people, between the ages of 15 and 24, have some of the highest rates of infection. | PLUS: The Real Causes of Rising STDs

WHYY News  – STI Awareness Week has put a renewed spotlight on Philadelphia’s status as [worst] in the country when it comes to sexually transmitted infection rates.

That’s according to a study released earlier this year, based on CDC data comparing the STI rates of 100 cities nationwide.

Philadelphia has hovered in the [worst] five for several years, ranking fifth in 2023.

So what’s behind Philadelphia’s soaring STI rates, and what is the city doing about it?

Causes of rising STIs

The city did not make any health officials available for comment, but Dr. Judy O’Donnell, an epidemiologist and Chief of Infectious Diseases at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, has spent years tracking STIs in Philadelphia.

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“There are just harder-to-reach populations,” O’Donnell said, “and that can really contribute to the stubbornness of these infections from being tackled effectively and from preventing transmission.”

Most notably, in recent years, COVID-19 has hindered access to prompt medical care, driving up STI rates nationwide.

In addition to the pandemic, O’Donnell says that factors related to social determinants of health have also contributed to rising rates in Philadelphia.

“Poverty plays a role here, age plays a role, certain racial and ethnic minority groups may have higher barriers in terms of access to health care, and then [homosexual] and bisexual males can also be at higher risk,” she said.

“It has to do with groups that are more vulnerable, groups who have less access to health care in general, and people feeling stigmatized in some ways about getting tested for STDs.”

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Younger people, between the ages of 15 and 24, have some of the highest rates — in part, O’Donnell said, because they’re less likely to have other health problems that would cause them to seek out medical care, or they may feel embarrassed about discussing their sexual health …


The Real Causes of Rising STDs

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