Wash Hands After Pee? How Important Is It Really …

“A male’s penis is a part of his body, it isn’t an alien object.”

Do you thoroughly wash your hands after peeing? 

Mar 12, 2020

Metro.co.uk – The warnings around the spread of coronavirus have brought the disturbing reality of the public’s hygiene levels to light.

Wait, people weren’t properly washing their hands with soap and water in public loos? You really need to teach people how to sneeze into a tissue or cough into their elbow?

One of the most harrowing revelations to emerge is that some men don’t wash their hands after they urinate – and they truly believe this is normal, acceptable behaviour and it’s the hand-washing-after-peeing guys who are schmucks.

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According to one bit of research, 69% of men don’t wash their hands every time they use a toilet or urinal.

Another study suggests that 6% of men only wash their hands after pooing, but not after doing a number one.

And in a far less scientific poll on my Twitter, only 40.4% of men said they wash their hands after peeing (only 5.6% admitted they don’t, while the remaining people just wanted to see the results). Sam*, 25, from Wales, tells us he doesn’t always wash up post-pee.

‘Sometimes as a man you just get into a situation where you just don’t want to wash your hands or you don’t think you need to,’ he says.

‘At the end of the day I think many forget that a male’s penis is a part of his body, it isn’t an alien object.

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‘We are in control of our hygiene. I would bet that my penis is a lot cleaner than most mobile phones.’

A 26-year-old man, who asked to go by the [a fake name Headline Health has elected not to use], agrees, telling us: ‘I am sorry but I do not wash my hands after every time I pee. ‘I wash my hands when they are dirty … Read more. 


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