Wait, Subway Has Pizza?

Some Subway locations still sell this unexpected item, but you won't find it on the menu ...

THE TAKEOUT – Subway initially added pizza to the menu in 2006, but only some locations still carry it today.

It’s a personal pizza meant for individuals (no large pies here), and it has quietly sat on the menu for years; I feel like practically nobody talks about it, perhaps because there’s shockingly low public awareness around it.

Subway keeps its pizza topping options pretty limited. You can get plain cheese, pepperoni, or veggie, or you can order bacon for an additional charge.

If you order your pizza online, you’re limited to specific veggies; for example, my location allows you to add spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, black olives, red onions, and jalapeños only.

The last time I ate a pizza from Subway was well over a decade ago, and my memory of it is virtually nonexistent, dim at best. I visited my local shop to see how this odd menu item has held up after all of these years.

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The base is simply a premade cheese pizza that’s kept in the refrigerator, ready to bust out when someone orders one. It resembles a DiGiorno frozen pizza with a thick, doughy crust, and when you order it in person, you’re given the option to customize it on the spot.

I ordered two: pepperoni with black olives, red onions, and jalapeños, as well as a veggie pizza with spinach, red onion, and green bell peppers.

Once it’s assembled, the employee puts more shredded cheese on top to anchor the toppings, and it goes into the same oven that’s used to toast the sandwiches.

How does Subway’s pizza taste?

I’d say Subway’s fast food pizza is better than a frozen one prepared at home, but not quite as good as that of a chain pizza restaurant such as Little Caesars or Domino’s. It’s more on par with convenience store pizza … READ MORE. 

HOW TO ORDER: We couldn’t find pizza on Subway’s online menu. You’ll have to order in the store or on the app …

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