UK Scientists Seek To Extend Human Embryo Experiments

"Throughout his time at Auschwitz, Mengele sent his colleagues in Germany blood, body parts, organs, skeletons, and fetuses," according to the Holocaust Encyclopedia. Today, UK scientists want to expand experiments on living human embryos to the study "unexplored secrets of early human development." – HEADLINE HEALTH

PLUS: Mengele’s claim of being a humanitarian 

BBC NEWS, Oct 24, 2023 – Many top UK scientists are calling for the current 14-day limit on embryo research to be doubled to 28-days, so they can study the unexplored secrets of early human development.

Lifting the ban could yield major scientific breakthroughs for infertility, miscarriage and birth defects – and it appears there could be public support.

Newly published fieldwork with 70 people, designed to hear diverse public views on the highly controversial topic, suggests the mood is favourable.

Part-funded by the government’s independent UK Research and Innovation body along with the Wellcome Trust, the £100,000 project ran between May and July of this year, asking probing ethical and philosophical questions about the idea of stretching the limit.

The group behind the work – the Human Developmental Biology Initiative (HDBI) – say it is an important first step in a much longer debate that will inevitably be needed if the legal rules around embryo experiments are to be changed.

“Human embryos should never be experimented on.” – Catherine Robinson, Right To Life UK 

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Organisations such as Right To Life UK and some religious groups strongly oppose doing medical experiments on human embryos.

She accused the project of being a thinly veiled attempt to lobby for the removal of the 14-day limit – something the HDBI denies. It says the aim is to better understand public hopes and concerns around the regulation of research involving human embryos.

Unstoppable science?

Prof Robin Lovell-Badge, HDBI Oversight group co-chair, senior group leader and head of the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics at the Francis Crick Institute, said:

“When we think about ‘are we able to change the law?’ we have to be very careful. It’s been this contract between society and researchers for a long time.

“The government will not do anything without public support… and this exercise suggests there might be [support] … ” 

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Nazi doctor Josef Mengele claimed to be a humanitarian 

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL – Josef Mengele and other Nazi doctors performed all sorts of medical experiments on camp inmates. Many of them involved trying to determine ways of mass sterilization.

Jewish women (and men) underwent tortuous experiments involving drugs, x-rays and chemicals. The human guinea pigs were often brutally cut open so doctors could examine the effects of the treatments on the reproductive organs. Not surprisingly, this more often than not led to death.

All visibly pregnant women and mothers of babies and young children were sent to the gas chambers upon arrival at the various death camps.

Here is how the infamously sadistic Dr. Josef Mengele rationalized this:

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