Trump’s Walter Reed Physician Defiantly Departs

'I Regret Nothing': Doctor Who Criticized Trump Parade Works Last Day At Walter Reed

NPR – Dr. James Phillips, the Walter Reed physician who criticized President Trump’s decision to greet supporters outside the facility where he was being treated for COVID-19, has worked his last shift at the hospital.

“I stand by my words, and I regret nothing,” Phillips wrote on Twitter.

The doctor’s pending removal from the work schedule at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was reported in early December – two months after Phillips slammed the president’s refusal to isolate himself.

His announcement that he has now stopped working at the medical compound brought a new round of praise for Phillips, both for his work as a doctor and for speaking out.

Phillips, who is also the chief of disaster medicine at George Washington University, said in October that Trump’s insistence on riding in a motorcade past supporters gathered across the street from Walter Reed exposed his security detail and others to a high risk of infection by the deadly coronavirus.

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The physician wrote in a tweet later deleted:

“The irresponsibility [of President Trump] is astounding.

“My thoughts are with the Secret Service forced to play.” 

He also dismissed Trump’s outing — which came one month before the national election — as “political theater” that forced other people into quarantine and put them at unnecessary risk.

When NPR contacted Walter Reed about Phillips’ status on Monday, a representative stated that the doctor worked there as a contract employee.

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The medical center “provides requirements for contract employees to the contract agency,” the representative said …

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