Trump-Haters Gloat; “Pelosi Could Be President!”

“He failed to protect the country. He couldn’t even protect himself.” –  George Conway

Oct 2, 2020

Fox News – While many on social media sent well wishes to President Trump and first lady Melania Trump early Friday after the president confirmed they had both tested positive for the coronavirus, others took the time to criticize or make negative comments.

“Tonight will reveal where we all think the line is comedically,” director Judd Apatow, who is known for movies like “Knocked Up” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgon” tweeted about the likely prospect the president’s diagnosis would be fodder for jokes.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have mocked people for wearing masks,” screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer, who wrote “Mrs. Doubtfire,” commented on Twitter. “Maybe you shouldn’t have encouraged packed crowds. Maybe you shouldn’t have told the CDC what to report. Maybe you don’t deserve to be POTUS.”

She added, “If that vile, science-denying, mask-discouraging, crowd-encouraging SOB put Joe Biden or his family at risk I may lose my mind. You?”

“Just learned that Hope Hicks tested positive for Covid,” actress and frequent Trump critic Bette Midler tweeted before the president confirmed he had tested positive. “Timing’s so interesting. I guess Trump’s quarantining will mean no rallies, and no more debates. Convenient. It’s awful to always think the worst, but after four years of relentless lying? Can’t be helped. No trust left.”

Actor and director Rob Reiner tweeted, “That damn hoax.”

“Twitter was created for tonight,” “The Ellen Show” executive producer Andy Lassner wrote.

“Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill tweeted that if there’s anything positive that could come from the president’s testing positive, “it would be his followers reevaluating their opinions. If they will now accept a lockdown, social distancing & mandatory mask-wearing, we could crush the virus like we should have from the start.” He hashtagged the post #ButIAlsoBelieveInTheToothFairy.

Anti-Trump intelligence commentator Malcolm Nance seemed to already be preparing for Trump to leave office.

‘THINK ABOUT IT,” Nance wrote. “OMG. If both Trump & Pence go down. @TeamPelosi could be President!” … Read more.