True COVID-19 Infection Rate Is 6.2 Times Higher Than Official Tallies: Report

“Despite an overall improvement in detection rates as the pandemic has progressed, our estimates showed that the true number of people to have been infected across our sample of 15 countries was 6.2 times greater than the reported number.”

Australian study suggests true COVID-19 rate is far higher than official tallies

If the pool of infected people is indeed that much larger, this would reduce the fatality rate to one death per 263 cases, or 0.38 percent

  • Current tally of total Covid infections worldwide: 60.4 million (Worldometers)
  • Corrected tally suggested by Australian report: 374.8 million 
  • Current tally of total Covid deaths worldwide: 1.4 million (Worldometers)
  • Survival rate based on Australian case estimate: 99.62 percent

Nov 18, 2020

Medical Xpress – A trio of researchers with Ikigai Research, Australian National University and the University of Melbourne respectively, has found evidence that suggests the true COVID-19 infection rate for 15 selected countries is on average 6.2 times higher than official tallies have listed.

In their paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, Steven Phipps, Quentin Grafton and Tom Kompas describe analyzing infection data from 15 similar countries and using it to estimate true infection rates.

The current resurgence of the global pandemic has very starkly highlighted the fact that it is far from over.

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Millions of people the world over have been infected and over 1 million have died, yet medical scientists are still not in agreement on true infection rates.

Instead, most countries and even local jurisdictions publish “known” numbers of infections and use such figures to determine infection rates.

In this new effort, the researchers suggest that such an approach leaves out many people that become infected but never show up on official tallies.

To gain a better perspective on true rates of infection, the researchers chose to focus on 15 countries that have similar approaches to testing, diagnosing and treatment of the disease … Read more. 

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