Chip Tells When To Change Baby’s Diaper, Granny’s Depends

Feb 14, 2020 |

Softpedia News – Researchers have created a new low-cost diaper that could issue an alert whenever dampness is detected.

The sensor consists of a passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. When the diaper is wet, the material expands and becomes slightly conductive — enough to trigger the RFID tag to send a radio signal to an RFID reader up to 1 meter away.

According to their estimates, the sensor costs less than 2 cents to manufacture, so the diaper itself would be rather affordable as well.

Furthermore, as compared to the existing smart diapers where cleaning the sensor is required, this new concept relies on disposable sensors, making a diaper change a lot more convenient for parents, babies, and everyone else’s eyes and noses.

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MIT says such an implementation can very well be expanded beyond the world of babies, as diapers for adults can be the next step for using RFID for the same purpose … Read more. 


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