Super Bowl Party? Forget About It, Says Fauci

Fauci: Don't let Super Bowl parties become super spreaders

PLUS: Staying safe on the day of the year when the most domestic violence occurs in the United States

WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s top infectious disease expert doesn’t want the Super Bowl to turn into a super spreader.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, says when it comes to Super Bowl parties during the pandemic, people should “just lay low and cool it.”

He said during TV interviews Wednesday that now isn’t the time to invite people over for watch parties because of the possibility that they’re infected with the coronavirus and could sicken others.

Big events like Sunday’s game in Tampa, Florida, between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are always a cause for concern over the potential for virus spread, Fauci said.

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He told NBC’s “Today” show:

“You don’t want parties with people that you haven’t had much contact with.

“You just don’t know if they’re infected, so, as difficult as that is, at least this time around, just lay low and cool it.”

The NFL has capped game attendance at 22,000 people because of the pandemic and citywide coronavirus mandates.

Safe Super Bowl Parties during the Pandemic

How to have a safe Super Bowl party during the pandemic and avoiding physical fights

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Michael Rubino, Ph.D, MFT, Community Contributor

Tue, Feb 2, 2021

PATCH – This weekend is the Super Bowl. Usually it is a time when family and friends gather together for Super Bowl parties. This has been a tradition for people for many years.

However, this year is different because of the Coronavirus. Yes in California, the shelter in place order was lifted and the number of people in the hospital for the Coronavirus has decreased.

However, we still need to take precautions. In addition to the Coronavirus, Super Bowl Sunda is also the day when the most domestic violence occurs in the United States.

This statistic is for adults and teenagers. So, how do you have a safe, fun Super Bowl Sunday? You need to develop a plan that reduces stress and too much drinking.

First, this year you need to be careful about who you invite and keep the party small.

Everyone needs to be wearing a mask and you need to try to keep appropriate social distance. In addition, it would help if you keep the windows open for appropriate ventilation.

Some people may think that because some people are now receiving the vaccine that these steps are not necessary.

However, only one percent of the population has been vaccinated (CDC). Additionally, the virus has mutated and the new stains are more contagious and deadly. Therefore, in order to have a safe and fun party, precautions are necessary.

Next, remember that it is just a day and just a football game. Therefore, if everything is not perfect such as you don’t have all the food you wanted or things are not arranged how you wanted, do not stress over it.

You can still enjoy the game without a lot food or alcohol. Also if everything is not arranged perfectly, you can still enjoy the game. In other words, do not stress and argue over minor details. Read more. 

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