Subway manager punched in the face by customer, demanded extra ham on sandwich

The customer apparently felt he's been given a 'jam sandwich' -- two pieces of bread jammed together with insufficient filling ...

MADERA, Calif. (FOX26) — One Subway location manager is recovering from injuries to her face.

That’s after a customer decided to attack employees after getting upset over his sandwich.

The manager who was hit in the face Thursday evening said that the customer escalated the situation because he wanted more ham on his sandwich.

I did not expect this. He comes around the corner, and I go, ‘What are you going to do, hit me over ham?’ and he hit me. He punched me, and all I could remember is just black,” said Subway General Manager Monique Larios.

“I still can’t feel half of my face, I can’t feel nothing,” said Larios. “I’m scared that there’s going to be some kind of damage permanent. I’ve never been so numb to where my face feels like its a mask, you know?”

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Madera police officers said they arrested George Sandoval, the man who they say hit Larios that night for the battery.

“I’m 4’11, and this guy was 6’5, almost 400 pounds,” she said.

Subway will be providing workers’ compensation for Larios while she is out …


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