State Sen. Refuses To Wear Mask, Put On DO-NOT-FLY List

Alaska state Sen. Lora Reinbold has been suspended from flying on Alaska Airlines for refusing to comply with mask orders. Reinbold, a coronavirus vaccine skeptic, has frequently clashed with airline employees over mask requirements.

(CNN)An Alaska state lawmaker who had called flight attendants “mask bullies” and clashed with airline employees on video over mask rules is now banned from Alaska Airlines for her “continued refusal to comply” with the mask policy, the airline said in a statement.

The restriction on Republican state Sen. Lora Reinbold will make her job more difficult:

Alaska Airlines operates the only regular flights between her home north of Anchorage and the state capital in Juneau.

The ban meant Reinbold on Sunday had to drive more than 14 hours, including a portion of the trip through Canada, and take a ferry to reach Juneau on Monday, where a bill she opposes that would extend Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s emergency powers during the coronavirus pandemic is scheduled for action.

She wrote on Facebook Sunday night that she had gone to “new heights” to serve Alaska …

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Alaska Airlines suspended Reinbold from flying after “her continued refusal to comply” with the mask policy, the company said in a statement Sunday.

The airline told CNN in a statement that they have notified Reinbold of their decision.

“This suspension is effective immediately pending further review,” Alaska Airlines spokeman Tim Thompson said in the statement. “Federal law requires all guests to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during travel, including throughout the flight, during boarding and deplaning, and while traveling through an airport.”

Reinbold said she was “reasonable with all Alaska Airlines employees” in a statement posted to her Facebook page, and felt the airline should have kept the issue confidential until further review.

“I inquired about mask exemption with uptight employees at the counter,” Reinbold said in the statement.

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“I learned about (Alaska Airlines) decision before I knew there was even an inquiry and before I had a chance to talk to or discuss this with anyone at Alaska Air,” she said … Click here to read more. 

Senator’s “Drama Queen” Antics Stopped Senate Hearing, Delayed Session

April 21, 2021

MUST READ ALASKA – A meeting last week of the Senate Health and Social Services Committee was abruptly adjourned by Sen. David Wilson after the nonpartisan staff assigned to the meeting walked out.

“There are only 20 Senators in the Alaska Legislature. The vote to cancel the [committee hearing] was 17-1, with the drama queen herself being the sole objection.” – Comment posted on MUST READ ALASKA

Sen. Lora Reinbold had pulled her mask down for several minutes. That much is visible on the video of the meeting.

The legislative staff has been instructed to leave a room, if that happens. There is a mask mandate in the Capitol and at least one staffer came perilously close to being put on a ventilator after contracting Covid this session, likely in the building.

While the committee was hearing an amendment by Sen. Tom Begich to a bill, Reinbold pulled her mask down, and left it down for several minutes, while the legislative staff could be seen growing increasingly restless.

Finally, Chair David Wilson called for an at-ease. At that point, the legislative cameras stopped recording sound, but video shows a lively discussion ensuing between the senators.

Those in the room said that Reinbold berated the staff members and said if they were not comfortable working with her when her mask was down, they could look for work elsewhere. They were not the boss of her. After a few minutes, Rep. Wilson called the three staffers back into the room so that he could legally adjourn the meeting.

Watch the end of the meeting here: Sen. Reinbold won’t mask up, legislative staff leaves

The incident may have been the last straw for the Senate Republican-led caucus, which removed Reinbold from the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday morning … Click here to read more. 


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