‘Shocking decline’: UCLA med school prioritized racial diversity, leading to decline, report says

The College Fix – The University of California Los Angeles medical school is admitting underqualified racial minorities in the interest of diversity, according to a report in The Washington Free Beacon.

The report, published today, is based on interviews with medical professors and officials, many of whom have knowledge of the admissions process.

The Free Beacon also obtained emails and “internal data on student performance.”

A professor said in the article that while there are “good graduates” from UCLA, “a third to a half of the medical school is incredibly unqualified.”

UCLA’s admissions committee, under Dean Jennifer Lucero, a medical doctor, has pushed through under qualified minorities ahead of white and Asian applicants, the Free Beacon reported.

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“One professor said that a student in the operating room could not identify a major artery when asked, then berated the professor for putting her on the spot.”

The decisions included in the article occurred prior to the Supreme Court’s ban on affirmative action last summer.

California has banned affirmative action since voters approved a ballot proposition in 1996.

Lucero’s committee “gives black and Latino applicants a pass for subpar metrics, four people who served on it said, while whites and Asians need near perfect scores to even be considered,” the Free Beacon reported.

At the same time UCLA’s ranking has declined and some students are going through medical school without grasping basic knowledge.

One professor said that students at the end of their clinical rotations don’t know basic lab tests and, in some cases, are unable to present patients …

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