Research Reveals Which States Are Most Sex Savvy

A search analysis found that people in specific states keep Googling terms like "sexual positions," "BDSM," and "anal" ...


Where in America are people most informed about sex?

To find out, MattressNextDay did research and revealed which states search the most for sex-related terms on the internet.

After calculating a sex education index score based on Google searches per state, the results showed that New York had the highest score, followed by California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

“Sex positions” topped the search list in New York, with “BDSM,” “anal,” and “kissing” among the top four. Overall, 385,040 sex or sex-related searches occurred in New York that particular month.

The research also found that “sexual positions,” “BDSM,” and “anal” were also top searches in Maryland, Massachusetts, and Georgia. However, in Georgia, “pregnancy” was fourth on the list.

Which states Google sex or sex-related terms the least?

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It turns out that West Virginia, had a sex education index score of seven, with Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, and Kentucky looking up sex-related terms slightly more often.

However, just looking at the numbers and not calculating an index score, people in Wyoming appear to Google sex-related terms the least, with only 7,250 searches per month.

Across the nation, the research found that 1,017,700 searches occurred for “sexual positions,” 588,260 were made for “BDSM,” and “kissing” was Googled 388,050 times.

Still, searches for erectile dysfunction, libido, and arousal landed on the top ten list across all states …


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