Although this may sound like science fiction, it is far from it ...

Informed Consent Action Network – A new class of “encrypted RNA” vaccines is being developed where the RNA would piggyback onto an existing wild virus and spread from person to person without any person’s knowledge or consent.

Two companies involved in this research have received millions of dollars from the federal government.

A study using this technology on hamsters and the SARS-Cov-2 virus has already been completed and a Phase I trial on humans is in the works. ICAN’s attorneys have already sent legal demands to all government agencies involved.

It seems the government and the military are so enthused about this new vaccine deployment technology that Congress tucked a law, the PREVENT Pandemics Act, into the 2023 omnibus appropriations bill to facilitate it.

Among other things, the Act has a section dedicated to Platform Technologies that supports the “development and review of new treatments and countermeasures that use cutting-edge, adaptable platform technologies that can be incorporated or used in more than one drug or biological product.”

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This Act will also be used to fund a new HHS government agency called ARPA-H (Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health), which was created in 2023 to “take big technical risks that can spark new biomedical breakthroughs” and “revolutionize the detections, diagnosis, mitigation, prevention, treatment and cure of diseases and health conditions.”

Both former NIH Director Francis Collins and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra supported the agency’s creation, and Collins described his vision for ARPA-H as “a DARPA-like culture at NIH.”

This so-called “therapy” uses a technology called TIPs (Therapeutic Interfering Particles), which are described as “engineered molecular parasites” that piggyback on a wild virus. If you get the virus, you also get these parasites.



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