Plandemic? Scientists warn ‘apocalyptic’ avian flu could jump to humans

Experts claim the virus is mutating rapidly ...

THE EXPRESS – Concern is growing about the avian flu now the disease has adapted to kill thousands of marine mammals, with scientists warning the deadly virus could spread to humans.

The risks posed to humans by H5N1, also known as avian influenza, are currently low, but as the virus is now spreading to other animals, scientists say that it needs to be closely monitored.

The deaths of almost 20,000 elephant seals on the coast of western Argentina have been linked to the virus, which has circulating in birds for decades.

Last year saw a huge spike in egg prices as a result of a 2022 outbreak that affected 58 million chickens in the United States, and millions more globally.

Researchers fear that having jumped from birds to mammals, it may now be moving from one mammal to another.

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“I think it’s quite likely,” Dr. Chris Walzer, Executive Director of Health at the Wildlife Conservation Society, said.

Waltzer warned greater monitoring of viruses in animals is required to track the spread.

“This avian influenza outbreak has been one of the largest threats to wildlife globally,” he told CBS News …


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